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Dec. of Independence


What philosophical movement happened in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries? Enlightenment
What kind of ideas was part of the Enlightenment? New ideas about the rights of people and their relationship to their ruler
Who led the British Enlightenment? John Locke
What "natural rights" did Locke believe all people possessed? Life, Liberty, Property
What did Locke mean by the "social contract"? 1) People agree to form a government 2) People agree to obey the laws made by this government
What did Locke believe the people could do if the government violated their natural rights? Change or overthrow the government
How were Locke's ideas radical or extreme? Challenged the rule of kings
What did Thomas Paine publish in 1776? Common Sense
What did Common Sense challenge? Rule of the American colonies by the King of England
How did Common Sense affect Americans? Caused more Americans to want independence from Great Britain
When did the Continental Congress adopt the Declaration of Independence? July 4, 1776
Who wrote the final draft of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Whose ideas did Thomas Jefferson borrow when he wrote the Declaration of Independence? 1) John Locke 2) Thomas Paine
Who wrote that all men have the right to "life, liberty, and property"? John Locke
Who wrote that all men have the right to "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness"? Thomas Jefferson
What ideas did Thomas Jefferson borrow from Thomas Paine? 1) Grievances against King George III 2) That King George had mistreated the American colonists
What 2 realities of American life in 1776 contradicted (went against) the principle of equality in the Declaration of Independence? 1) African-American slavery 2) Most Americans could not vote in 1776
What two constitutional amendments guarantee due process of law? 1) 5th Amendment: right to a fair trial 2) 14th Amendment: a state cannot take away life, liberty, or property without following proper procedures (due process)
What does the term "unalienable rights" mean? Rights that cannot be given away or taken away
Created by: wzuger