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1-3 Pres & Industry

Strict Interpretation of Constitution Gives gov't only powers stated in Constitution-it says what it means and nothing more
Loose Interpretation of Constitution Allows gov't more power-open to interpretation
Judicial Review Allows Supreme Court to interpret laws to decide if they are constitutional
Necessary and Proper Clause (Elastic) Stretches meaning of Constitution and allows to create what is necessary to run government-used to create national bank
Federalism shared power between state and national government
Interchangeable Parts parts that fit more that one specific item or machine - increases efficiency and production
Rural living in country - shift from living in country to living in cities to work in factories
Urban living in cities - shift from living in country to living in cities to work in factories
Industrial Revolution Time period, 1800's, in United States where machines replaced jobs in the homes. Factories built and population shifted-people moved to the jobs.
Ratify To formally approve
1st Amendment Freedom of speech, religion, press and assembly
2nd Amendment Right to bear arms - own a gun
4th Amendment No illegal searches and seizures - have to have a search warrant
5th Amendment Can't be charged for the same crime twice (double jeopardy) Refusal to answer questions to not incriminate oneself
10th Amendment If it's not in the constitution, it's a states decision (federalism)
Federalist Loose interpretation- federal gov't power - Washington & Hamilton
Democratic-Republican Strict interpretation of constitution - state's rights - Jefferson
Northwest Ordinance process of orderly expansion - system of admitting new states to the United States
Precedent something done for the first time that other continue
Cabinet group of presidential advisers-precedent set by George Washington
Tariff tax on imported goods - goods brought into United States - favored by northern states
Militia Citizen soldiers called up by Washington to stop Whiskey Rebellion
Ally Another country that is a friend
Embargo Act of 1807 Jefferson issued ban on trade with European trade ships because of their impressment of American Sailors
Impressment Forced military service - British kidnapped American soldiers and forced them to work for British military - at first they were looking for deserters from British Navy
Non-Intercourse Act Replaced Embargo Act - can't trade with British or French ships/ports
American Revolution/ Revolutionary War Debt Biggest challenge George Washington faced as president
George Washington's precedents appointed a cabinet - 2 term limit ( 4 years each)
Hamilton's Economic Plan To help make economy stable - repay debt, create national bank, whiskey tax, protective tariff
First Political Parties As a result of Jefferson disagreeing with Hamilton creating a National Bank - Jefferson had strict interpretation
Federalist Party Leaders Hamilton - Adams
Democratic Party Leaders Jefferson-Madison
Proclamation of Neutrality Washington claimed we will not be involved in the matters of European nations
Washington's Farewell Address Warned of damaging political parties Warned of getting involved in foreign nation affairs
Jefferson's Governmental Views Democratic Republican - strict interpretation of constitution - Disagreed with Hamilton's economic plan
Revolution of 1800 Shift from 1st 2 presidents who where Federalist to Jefferson who was Democratic Republican - shift from wealthy to common man
The Louisiana Purchase Doubled the size of U.S, gave us Mississippi River and port of New Orleans - Jefferson was unsure if he had the power under the constitution
Lewis and Clark Sent by Jefferson to explore Louisiana Territory and to California
Marbury v Madison Case presided over by Chief Justice John Marshall, always ruled in favor or more government power - established judicial review
Judiciary Act of 1789 Established the federal judiciary
Eli Whitney inventor - Cotton Gin and interchangeable parts
Samuel Slater inventor - spinning mill
Advancements in industry and machines increased efficiency increased productivity
Advancements in communication opened new markets brought the nation together
Population trends in Industrial Revolution people moved from country to cities - increased population in urban areas - people looking for jobs
Whiskey Rebellion Farmers protesting whiskey tax -- Washington called up militia and the rebellion was stopped
Protective Tariff Part of Hamilton's plan to help strengthen the economy - tax on imported goods
Washington's View of Political Parties Political parties will tear this nation apart - further divide it
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