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Unit Test #1

Mr. Stickler's Liberty Christian Hnrs. Hist. Unit Test #1

What are the names of the two sects of Islam? How were they created? Sunni and Shiite. After Mohammad died in 632, Muslims split over who should take charge of the Muslim faithful. (Islam Notes.)
What area of Africa did most enslaved Africans leave the continent from? Niger Valley/ Benin (27%). (Book, map on pg. 20)
Who was Mansa Musa and how was he connected to Islam? Mansa Musa was the ruler of the kingdom of Mali in West Africa. After converting to Islam and making the "hajj", he brought Muslim scholars back to educate his people. (Islam Notes.)
What are the 5 Pillars of Islam? 1. Prayer 5x a day 2. Fasting during the month of Ramadan, 3. Make the "hajj" to Mecca once in your life, 4. Make the declaration of faith, 5. Charity & Almsgiving. (Islam Notes.)
Who were the Moors? They were Muslims who took part in the Crusades in the period following Mohammad's death. (pg. 5)
What was the Reconquista? The name of the effort the Iberians (French, Spanish, & Portuguese) made to break Islamic rule on the Iberian Peninsula around 1000 C.E. (pg. 6)
How did the marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella effect Spain in 1469? Their marriage created a united Spain, which increased the country's power. It led the Spanish to subdue the last Moorish stronghold on the Iberian Peninsula in 1492, ending the Reconquista. (pg. 6)
What is a tributary empire? This is an empire in which subjects rule themselves but are required to contribute goods and labor, called tribute, to an imperial government in return for protection/ services. (Pg. 9)
Who were the Aztecs? A group of people who arrived in the Valley of Mexico in the early 1200's. They ended up establishing a tributary empire there, which was ended when Hernan Cortes captured their leader. (pg. 9)
What is a "fictive ancestor"? It's a mythical figure who is believed to have started a civilization. One example would be Romulus and Remus, the figures who are believed to have founded Rome. (Pg. 9)
What was the Reformation? A period in history when people who were dissatisfied with the Catholic Church created the ideology that would come to be known as Protestantism. (Pg. 21)
What is an absolute monarch? "The ruler of a kingdom in which every aspect of national life - including politics, religion, the economy, and social affairs - comes under royal authority." (Pg. 21)
What does the term "acquired immunity" relate to? How does it relate to the Columbian Exchange? It relates to the fact that Native Americans did not have any resistance ("immunity") built up against the diseases that Europeans brought with them. (Pg. 17)
What is "reciprocal trade"? When two nations or countries trade goods back and forth between each other. (Pg. 16)
What was the Columbian Exchange? It is the name given to the passage of people, plants, animals among Africa, Europe, and North America. (Pg. 17)
List the social classes in Medieval England in order from highest (most power) to lowest (least power). King, Barons/Nobles, Knights, Peasants. (Notes.)
How did Feudalism transform into Capitalism? Returning Crusaders brought rare goods like spices from India back with them to sell. (They'd sold all their possessions to go on Crusade.) Sold to the rich first, then the supply increased as more Crusaders did same. Prices then dropped.
Why did Sitting Bull want the Sioux to adopt the "Ghost Dance Religion"? He knew that it looked a lot like a war dance, so he knew that if they did the Ghost Dance, the Europeans might fear them and leave them alone.
How did the events of the Wounded Knee Battle happen? Sioux, who had been loyal to Sitting Bull, left the area where Sitting Bull had been killed. The Army caught up to them & made them go to Wounded Knee. When they tried taking the Sioux's guns, a shot was fired & the Army killed all but 39 of 300 Sioux.
How did Medieval towns and cities begin? Traveling merchants stopped near small villages and the same spot and at the same time every year. Villagers began predicting they'd stop there next year & built their homes near the site. As time passed, more villagers did the same and towns were formed.
Which of the four (4) Medieval social classes suffer the most once feudalism ended? The peasants suffered the most. They were asked to leave the Baron's land and had no money to buy their own farm land. They had no other skills (like being blacksmiths) they could use to make money.
List three (3) things Wovoka, the Sioux Medicine Man we learned about, said would happen after they did the Ghost Dance. 1. Europeans would vanish, buried under the dirt; 2. the antelope and bison would return; 3. their dead ancestors would return and the Sioux would be able to talk to them again.
Name the first four (4) United States presidents in order. George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison.
What "helped" the Spanish conquer the Aztecs after only being in contact with them for 3 years? Diseases that the Europeans brought that the Aztecs weren't used to.
Created by: sticklerpjpII
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