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US-A Unit Test Rev.

Where and under what circumstances were the first shots fired of the Rev War? They were fired at Lexington. It was a very suprising shot "the shot heard around the world"
What was the result of the Battle of Bunker Hill? It was a lot of death and the hill was taken and 140 americans were killed
For what purpose was the Second Continental Congress convened? They were trying to compromise with with England one more time before departing with them?
What was the Olive Branch Petition? How did King George respond? It qas created by the compromisers and it expresssed loyalty to the king by asking him to step in and handle all this drama but he didnt even read it.
Qho wrote the "common sense"? What was its main idea? What was its result? Thomas Pain; It was like telling the colonist that they need to join together as one and depart fro England because it's just a small island compared to how big America was
Who wrote the dec of ind? Thomas Jefferson; July 2, 1776
How did the theories of John Locke contribute to the ideas contained withtin the declarartion of ind? Jefferson used his idea of "human rights" in the dec. of independence