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Hist 11 UNIT 1 2018

Mr. Stickler's Liberty Christian History 11 Unit 1 Test Flashcards 2018

"Culture" means __________________. "Way of Life."
One "deadly import" that the Native Americans got from the Europeans was ___________________. Germs that caused influenza, measles, chicken pox, mumps, typhus, or smallpox.
Three things that Native Americans introduced to the Europeans. Farming methods, corn, and potatoes. (Can also have squash, pumpkins, beans, or chocolate.)
Who funded the Jamestown colony? A joint - stock company.
What is a joint - stock company? Private investors pool their money to support big projects.
What is Subsistence Farming? Farming just enough to feed your own family.
List the Southern Colonies. Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia.
List the Middle Colonies. New York, New Jersey, and Delaware.
List the New England Colonies. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.
What is a proprietary colony? A colony owned by an individual who could run it any way they wanted - appointing officials, coining money, imposing taxes, and raising an army.
What does the term "popular sovereignty" mean? "Rule by the people."
Who founded the Georgia colony? James Oglethorpe.
Who founded the colony of Rhode Island? Roger Williams. He left Massachusetts after being banned from that colony and started the Rhode Island colony. (Pg. 9)
Who founded the colony of New York? Henry Hudson. He discovered the river that is now named after him. The Dutch called it New Netherland until its name later changed to New York.
What was the "Triangular Trade"? The exchange of people, plants, and animals between North America, England, and Africa.
What was the Great Awakening? A series of religious revivals that were started in Kentucky by two ministers: Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield.
What does "SQR2" stand for? The letters stand for "Survey/ Skim", "Question", "Read", "Review".
What is the purpose of using "SQR2"? "SQR2" is a pre-reading study skill. It helps you to get a basic understanding of what you will read in the assignment before you read the entire thing.
What did the English Bill of Rights say? This document said that kings and queens could not suspend Parliament's laws or make their own courts, impose taxes, or raise an army without Parliament's consent.
What did John Locke argue about the government's right to rule? He said that all people are born with certain rights including right to life, liberty, and property.
What happened during the Great Awakening? This was a series of religious revivals in 1740 led by Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield.
What crop "helped (Virginia) to thrive"? Tobacco.
What does the term "Triangular Trade" mean/ refer to? This term refers to the "exchange of plants, animals, and culture between Africa, the Caribbean, and the Colonies".
List three (3) products that were exchanged between Europe and the Americas. 1. Coffee, 2. Cattle, 3. Diseases
List three (3) products that were exchanged between the Americas and Europe. 1. Corn, 2. Beans, 3. Potatoes.
What does the term "indentured servants" mean/ refer to? This term refers to people who signed contracts with American colonists, agreeing to work for four or more years in exchange for paid passage to America and food, clothing, and shelter.
What were "slave codes"? These were laws that "kept African slaves from owning property, testifying against white in court, receiving an education, moving about freely, or meeting in large groups".
What was the Staple Act? A law that required all colonial imports to come through England (before they could be shipped to any other countries).
Explain what slavery was like in the early colonies. Africans were captured and placed on slave ships for the voyage across the Atlantic. Conditions on the ships were terrible! Once they arrived in the Colonies, they were forced to work very long hours and families were often split apart and sold.
Who was John Locke? He was a political philosopher who believed in the Social Contract Theory.
What did John Locke believe about the relationship between the government and the people? He believed that the people could overthrow the government and replace it with a new one if the government failed to protect their rights.
What started the Pequot War? This event began when an English trader - John Oldham - was murdered.
List two (2) things that happened during the Pequot War. 1.) The Connecticut militia burned down the Pequot village on the Mystic River in 1637; 2.) The few Pequot who survived the attack were sold into slavery in Bermuda.
How did the Pequot War end? This ended when the tribal chief, Sassacus, was captured and executed by Mohawk Indians.
What started Metacomet's War? This event began when a "praying Indian" named John Sassamon was murdered by three (3) Wampanoag Indians.
List two (2) things that happened during Metacomet's War. 1.) English settlers refused to return the 3 Wampanoag Indians accused of the crime to their tribe for justice; 2.) The 3 accused Wampanoag Indians were tried in an English court, convicted, sentenced to death, and hanged.
How did Metacomet's War end? This ended when the Colonial militia caught Metacomet and executed him.
Created by: sticklerpjpII