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US HIST Unit 1 2021

Mr. Stickler's Liberty Christian U.S. History Unit 1 Test Flashcards 2021

"Culture" means __________________. "Way of Life."
One "deadly import" that the Native Americans got from the Europeans was ___________________. Germs that caused influenza, measles, chicken pox, mumps, typhus, or smallpox.
Three things that Native Americans introduced to the Europeans. Farming methods, corn, and potatoes. (Can also have squash, pumpkins, beans, or chocolate.)
Who funded the Jamestown colony? A joint - stock company.
What is Subsistence Farming? Farming just enough to feed your own family.
List the Southern Colonies. Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia.
List the Middle Colonies. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.
List the New England Colonies. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.
What is a proprietary colony? A colony owned by an individual who could run it any way they wanted - appointing officials, coining money, imposing taxes, and raising an army.
What does the term "popular sovereignty" mean? "Rule by the people."
Who founded the Georgia colony? James Oglethorpe.
What was the "Triangular Trade"? The exchange of people, plants, and animals between North America, England, and Africa.
What crop "helped (Virginia) to thrive"? Spanish tobacco.
What does the term "Triangular Trade" mean/ refer to? This term refers to the "exchange of plants, animals, and culture between Africa, the Caribbean, and the Colonies".
List three (3) products that were exchanged between Europe and the Americas. 1. Coffee, 2. Cattle, 3. Diseases
List three (3) products that were exchanged between the Americas and Europe. 1. Corn, 2. Beans, 3. Potatoes.
What does the term "indentured servants" mean/ refer to? This term refers to people who signed contracts with American colonists, agreeing to work for four or more years in exchange for paid passage to America and food, clothing, and shelter.
Explain what slavery was like in the early colonies. Africans were captured and placed on slave ships for the voyage across the Atlantic. Conditions on the ships were terrible! Once they arrived in the Colonies, they were forced to work very long hours and families were often split apart and sold.
Who was John Locke? He was a political philosopher who believed in the Social Contract Theory.
What did John Locke's theory of "natural rights" state? He stated that people were born with certain rights given to them by God. He called these "natural rights".
What product led the New England Colonies to become economically powerful during the Colonial period? The product that led them to this was whaling. They used whales to make whale oil, which all 13 Colonies needed for lamps.
What was the Stamp Act? This law required stamps be placed on most printed materials including newspapers and playing cards.
What was the Quebec Act? This law expanded the territory of Quebec to include what is Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan.
What was the Sugar Act? This law placed a tax on molasses and raw sugar.
What were the Townshend Acts? This law put new taxes on glass, lead, paper, paint, and tea imported to the Colonies.
What was the Quartering Act? This law forced Colonists to provide room and board to British soldiers.
What was the Tea Act? This law created favorable terms of trade for the struggling British East India Company.
What was the Proclamation Act of 1763? This law created an imaginary line through the Appalachian Mountains and forbade Colonists from settling west of it.
List the names of the 4 parts of the "Declaration of Independence". 1. The Preamble; 2. Declaration of Natural Rights; 3. List of Grievances of King George III; 4. Resolution of Independence.
Who was Tim Murphy? He was the first sniper in U.S. history. He fought with Daniel Morgan during the Revolutionary War.
Who was Baron von Steuben? He was hired by General George Washington to train Colonial troops at Valley Forge.
List three things that Baron von Steuben did to improve the fighting capabilities of Colonial troops. 1. He taught them how to use bayonets in hand-to-hand combat; 2. Had the soldiers group themselves together by unit in camp; 3. Moved bathrooms away from kitchens to improve sanitation.
Where was the last battle of the Revolutionary War fought? This battle was fought in Yorktown, Virginia. It led to Britain's surrender.
Describe the conditions on British prison ships. Conditions on these vessels was horrible. 3,000 Colonial soldiers were put on them and 9 out of 10 of them died. More soldiers died on prison ships than in battles.
Who was General Burgoyne? He was a British general who marched with his troops from loyalist Canada to link up with British units in New York. His progress was slowed dramatically by Colonial guerrilla fighting tactics.
What was the result of the battle of Kipp's Bay, New York? In this battle, British forces won and they set fire to New York City.
What does the term "judicial review" mean/ refer to? This refers to the idea that the Supreme Court has the power to review all laws to ensure that they are Constitutional.
What Supreme Court case led to the practice of "judicial review"? The Supreme Court case that led to this was "Marbury vs. Madison".
What does the 1st Amendment to the Constitution state? This Amendment states that citizens will enjoy the right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion.
What does the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution state? This Amendment states that citizens will enjoy the right to bear arms.
What does the 3rd Amendment to the Constitution state? This Amendment states that citizens shall not be forced to provide food or shelter for soldiers in their homes.
What does the 4th Amendment to the Constitution state? This Amendment states that all citizens will be kept free from illegal searches and seizures of their property. It also states that police must have a search warrant before searching a citizen's home.
What does the 5th Amendment to the Constitution state? This Amendment states that no citizen shall be "deprived of life, liberty, or happiness" without "due process of the law". No private property will be taken for public use without just compensation.
Where did the Maya and Aztec peoples build their civilizations? These groups built their civilizations in Central America.
Where did the Olmec build their civilization? This group of people built their civilization in Southern Mexico.
Which Native American tribe built earthworks that were geometric and served as ceremonial centers, observatories, and burial places. The Hopewell tribe built these.
What was one (1) result of the Treaty of Tordesillas (1494)? One result of this was that Spain was granted control of newly discovered lands in South America.
Which explorer defeated the Aztecs in 1521? Hernan Cortes defeated this tribe.
Which explorer defeated the Incas in 1532? Francisco Pizarro defeated this tribe.
Which explorer claimed Florida? Juan Ponce de Leon claimed this area.
List 3 things that Native Americans introduced to Europeans. Corn, potatoes, & squash.
List 3 things that Europeans introduced to Native Americans. Wheat, rice, & coffee.
Which explorer "founded the outpost of Quebec"? Samuel de Champlain founded this outpost.
List 2 things that French settlers began growing in Louisiana. Sugar & rice.
What product led the New England colonies to become wealthy fairly soon after being established? Whaling and the production of whale oil for lamps allowed these colonies to become wealthy soon after being established.
What does the term "tenant farmer" mean/ refer to? This term refers to "landless settlers who worked fields that they rented".
What was the "Columbian Exchange"? This was "the exchange of plants, animals, and diseases between Europe and the Americas".
What did the Federalists support? This group supported a "federal" system of government in which power was divided between a national government and state governments.
What did the Anti-Federalists support? This group supported the need for powerful state governments and they were "concerned about whether the national or state governments would be supreme".
What disease wiped out 1,000's of prisoners of war on British prison ships during the Revolutionary War? Smallpox wiped out these people on British prison ships during the Revolutionary War.
Created by: sticklerpjpII
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