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Chapter 3

The English Colonies

What colony was originally founded by the Dutch, but later taken over the English? New York
In exchange for paying your own passage to America, the king gives you 50 acres of land for each person in your family. What system is this? Headright System
What countries had an important trade relationship with the Middle Colonies? Britain and the West Indies
The Mayflower Compact was an agreement written by what group to create fair laws to protect the general good? Pilgrims
Why did William Penn create the colony of Pennsylvania? He wanted to proved a home for the Quakers
What Virginia colony was founded on April 26, 1607 and named after the English king? Jamestown
What group wanted to purify, or reform, the Anglican church? Puritans
The newspaper headline of the Boston Gazette this morning (1770) reads: "The Bloody Massacre Perpetrated in King Street." What event is the headline referring to? Boston Massacre
What man gained control of Jamestown in 1608 and pushed settlers to work hard and build better housing? John Smith
What former slave recorded his experiences in the Southern colonies? Olaudah Equiano
What document was written by Thomas Hooker to make the government in one New England colony more democratic? Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
What was one of the jobs done by women in the Middle Colonies? Business owner
What was the largest source of labor in the Middle Colonies? Indentured servants
You are a part of a religious group that supported nonviolence and religious tolerance. You are being persecuted for your beliefs in your home colony of New Jersey. What religious group are you part of? Quakers
What government body was used in the colonies to control local affairs and protect individual freedoms? Colonial courts
What type of workers were in demand in the South due to the need for a large agricultural workforce? Slaves
You were captured in West Africa and became a slave. Your two-month long hard journey across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World was known as what? Middle Passage
What was the attempt by American Indians to push white settlers out of the Ohio Valley? Pontiac's Rebellion
Why was the colony of New Jersey established by the Duke of York in 1664? To reward those loyal to the King
What was the secret group that used violence to frighten tax collectors? Sons of Liberty
What was the capital of the Massachusetts Bay colony in the late 1600's? Boston
You own a farm in Pennsylvania that grows oats, wheat, and barley. What type of crops are these? Staple crops
What was the New England economy based on? Farming and trade
In response to the Tea Act, how did the Sons of Liberty choose to protest the British law? Boston Tea Party
During what period did thinkers use reason and logic to form ideas about how government should work? Enlightenment
Your plantation grows large quantities of tobacco and uses slave labor to work the land. Every harvest, you ship your tobacco to England to sell. What type of crop do you grow? Cash crop
What religious movement raised ideas about equality among many colonists? Great Awakening
Who led Puritan colonists to Massachusetts to seek religious freedom? John Winthrop
You would like to go to America, but you don't have the money to pay for your passage. A landowner in America agree to pay your passage as long as you will work for free for seven years. You have become _____. An indentured servant
What law was passed by the English Parliament to reduce the powers of the English monarch? English Bill of Rights
Who helped create the Committees of Correspondence to share ideas about the new British laws? Samuel Adams
Who led the colony originally call New Netherland from 1647-1664? Peter Stuyvesant
Thanks to Penn's work, Pennsylvania became an important example of what? Representative government
What did colonists believe English trade laws limited? Free enterprise
What law was passed in response to the Boston Tea Party, that closed Boston Harbor, cancelled Massachusetts's charter, and forced colonists to house and supply British troops? Intolerable Acts
You want to protest British laws so you and your friends decide to quit buying British tea and sugar. You will miss your tea but are standing up for what you believe in! What method of protesting are your using? Boycott
What tax did Parliament pass in 1764 which set taxes on molasses imported by colonists? Sugar Act
What woman disagreed wit the Puritan leaders who believed that women should not play an active role in the church? Anne Hutchinson
What did the British Prime Minister ask Parliament to tax the American colonists? To help pay for a standing army
What Maryland law was the first attempt in the English colonies to support religious freedom? Toleration Act of 1649
Your family wants to completely separate from the Church of England and is being persecuted for their beliefs. You move to the colonies in search of religious freedom. You would be called ___________. Pilgrims
You and your family leave the country you were born in and move to a new country. You are considered to be __________. an immigrant
What man founded the colony of Georgia as a place for debtors to work and with the hope that small farmers might settle there? James Oglethorpe
What was important in the New England colonies that led to most communities establish schools? Education
What group of Native Americans helped the Jamestown colony? Powhatan Confederacy
As a result of what war did Great Britain gain Canada from the French? French and Indian War
What colonists did American Indians trust more because they were less of a danger to the American Indians' way of life than other colonists? French
What did many colonists believe that Great Britain had no right to do in the colonies? Tax them without their consent
What organizations were created in come colonies to pass laws? Assemblies
You buy a newspaper in Philadelphia every morning. One morning you notice a royal seal has been attached to the newspaper and the printer is tell you that you have a pay a tax for paper items now. What type of tax is this? Stamp Act
Created by: Mr. Romaire
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