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100 Fun Flash Cards

A- without or lack of
AB- away (away from)
-ABLE capable of or ability to
ABORT/IO- to miscarry (natural or induced); abortion
ABRUPTO/IO to tear away from; abruptus placentae
abscess a going away
acne pointed; acne shaped
acoust/i- hearing; acoustic guitar
acr/o- extermities, height, and pointed; acrophobia
actin/o- sun, ray, radium
acu- sharp; acuity
-ac refers to, pertains to, or state of
ad- near or beside
adeno- gland
adip/o- fat, adipoma tumor
aer/o air or gas; aerocele
af- toward; afferent
alb/o- white; albino
alges/i- pain; analgesic
-algia pain
alopec/i- fox mange or baldness
alveol/i- cavity; alveolus, related term is SIN/O
ambi- both; ambidextrous
ambul/o- to walk; ambulatory
amphi- both
amylo- starch; amylase
an- lack of or without; anorexia
an/o- ring, anal
ana- apart or up; anaphase
angi/o- vessel; angiogram
angin/o vessel; angina
ankyl/o- fuse or bind; ankylosing(- fused joints)
Ante- before, antenatal- before birth
anter/o- before or foremost; anterior- before or foremost
antrhax coal or carbuncle
anti- against, antiseptic- against infection
aneurysm- dilation or ballooning; aneurysmoplasty- inflating a ballon in the blood vessel
-apheresis to remove or separate (blood into parts); leukapheresis- when you remove or separate blood into parts
apo- above or upon; apoplexy- a upon the process of
aqua- water
arachino- spider
arche/o- first, archetype- first or original form
-aria air; malaria- bad air
arteri/o- artery; arteriogram- an artery recording
arthr/o- joint; arthroscopic- joint viewing or examining pertains to
articul/o- jointed- articulation- the jointed process of/ place of union between two bones
-ar refers to or pertains to
ascar/i- worm; ascariasis- when you have round worms
-ase enzyme; lipase- enzyme that breaks down fat
-asthenia weakness; myasthenia- muscle weakness
asthma- panting; asthmatic
atelo- incomplete, without end, imperfect ending; atelospirosis- condition without end
athero- porridge or yellow fat; atherosclerosis- hardening of the arteries with fat
-ation process of or procedure of; circulation- the process of moving in a circle
-atresia closure; venatresia- closing of a vein
atri/o- chamber; atrium- chambers of the heart
attriti/i- wearing out; attrition- process of wearing out
audi- hearing; audiology
aur/i- ear; auricle- little or small ear
auscult/o- to listen; auscultation
auto- self; autism- a self state
avuls/i- to tear; avulsion- to tear the ligaments
bacill/o- rod-like; bacillus- rod-like bacteria
bacteri/o- rod; bacteria- refers to rod (first bacteria viewed under a microscope)
balan/o- penis; balanitis- inflammation of the penis
baro- weight; barognosis- predicting weight
bas/o- basic or at base; basal- refers to at the base
bene- good or normal- benefit
benign- kind; benign- tumor in capsule
beri- weakness; beri- weakness because of a B1 deficiency dsisease
bi- two
bil/i- bile or gall
bin- two; binocular
bio- life; biology- the study of life
-blast beginning or young; osteoblast- young baby bone cells
bleb/o- blister- blebic- blister or buble
blenno- muscus; blenoma- mucus, tumor or swelling
blepharo- eyelid- blepharospasm- uncontrollable twitching of the eyelid
bol/o- lump or ball; bolus- choice bit of food to throw up
brach/i- arm; brachial- referring to the arm
brachy- short; brachydactlia- short fingers or toes
brady- slow; bradypnea- slow breathing
brevi- short; brevity- short state of
bronch/i- windpipe or trachea like; bronchial- tubes in your throat
brux- grinding; bruxism- grinding your teeth
bucca- cheek; buccal- pertaining to the cheek
bulba- blister or vesicle; bublus- fat and blister like shape
bulimo- hunger; bulimic- condition of the hunger control
burs/o- sac, wine sac, pouch; bursa- sac in the joints for padding
cal/o- heat, heated or hot; calor- spanish word for heat
calcin/o calcium; calcinosis- too much calcium in the body
calco- pebbles or granules of calcium mineral
calx- heel or lime; calxectomy- the removal of the foot bone
candid/i- glowing white; candidiasis- glowing white fungus
canth/o- corner of eye; canthoplasty- surgery on the corner of the eye
capill/o- hair-like; capillary- hair like vesicles (little blood vessels)
capito- head; capital- head of state
capn/o- carbon dioxide; capnograph- instrument to give CO2
caput head; caput femoris- head of the thigh bone
carbun/o- glowing ember; carbuncle- glowing ember boils
Created by: kccroy