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Ap US ch 2-3


New Spain reasons 4 colon Ferdinand + Isabella of Spain = jealous of Portugal’s successes in Af Columbus (Thought easiest route 2 Asia = 2 th west)
New Spain style of colon 3 main things 4 coloniz 1. Crown = tight rule w little autonomy 2. Colonists were mostly male 3.Colonies wealth = fr exploitation (encomienda- ind slavery + tribute 2 conquistadores) (pg 12) Early 1500s -> beginning of serious colon
New France Quebec + Montreal (Samuel de Champlain -> found Q) known 4 th beaver pelt trade (Q + M = trade posts)+ black Robes -> Jesuit missionaries 1600s
New England style of colon + what they tried 1st nd what worked @ 1st E tried 2 copy NS model of colon = fail -> thn thy send Lg # of men + women 4 agri soc.
Henry VIII wnted a son bt cldnt divorce wife (Catherine) so he split w th R Catholic church -> created th Church of E 1533
Martin Luther + John Clavin th Founders of Calvinism and Lutheranism -> both relig though tha th clergy = corrupt so th ppl shld interpret th bible, rejected Catholic princip, faith in God = salvation
New Netherland Th Dutch wnted beaver pelts (caused rivalries btwn in groups + FR colon), autocratic rule, little loyalty 2 th crown 1600s
Reasons for NE colon E’s popu doubled, inflation ect = bd colon = used 2 gt rid of th “extra ppl” relig prob (Henry III changed th national relig fr Roman Cath 2 protestant thn Eliz I tolerated relig diversity -> Stuart Monarchs tried 2 use relig conformity -> many ppl left
Iroqois-Huron War Iroquois trade w Dutch -> Huron trade w FR -> FR + D clash over fur trade rivalry so th Dutch gave th I guns -> thy killed many of th H -> estab th H domination of th area 1640s
Eng population boom caused ppl 2 wnt 2 come 2 NE (inflation, low wages, lack of food + shelter) 1530s
Joint-stock Co those who migrated 2 NE were funded by joint stock CO. (everyone paid a little) didn’t work cuz the colon didn’t bring lots of $ quick 1600s
Puritans wnted 2 purify th Cath Church believed tha Eng reform hdnt gone far enough (thy wnted 2 abolish th church hierarchy) ** thy wnted a church sep fr state
Doctrine of Protestantism thy believed tha th clergy = corrupt, thy wnted sep fr church nd state, thy believed tha god chose only a select few 2 go 2 heaven + good works didn’t merely gt u there (just helped / cldnt hurt) formed during Q Eliz I reign
Virginia Co. 1606 wealthy merchants + gentry formed a group tha gt a charter fr King James I -> 1st attempt = fail formed Jamestown
Jamestown 1607 1st ppl 2 go = disease + harsh weather -> part of th high death toll = th fact tha th “gentlemen” tha wnt didn’t wnt 2 work
Capitin John Smith Saved Jamestown by imposing milit rule
Powhatan Confed Jamestown ws mainly saved by th P Confed -> a “nation”/ group of 6 Algonquian tribes -> th good relat slowly changed when a drought hit th Ind nd th Colon attacked thm early 1600s
Tobacco cultivation great tobacco boom -> fueled th price of T, profit = higher price (higher demand in AF + Eur) caused th colon 2 expand rapidly (T needs a lot of land) by 1620s
Headright system 2 attract more ppl, w every new arrival who pays their own passage gts a 50 acre land grant, 2 th poor it allowed thm a way 2 gt 2 Amer -> cuz th rich wld pay 4 their passage thn th poor wld farm th rich man’s land (Virginia Co.) 1617
House of Burgesses th Virginia Co. allowed th land owning men elect reps 32 a house of Burgesses
Maryland (colon) Haven 4 th persecuted Catholics of Eng, tobacco = imp (just like V bt relig)1634
Indentured Servitude (Chesapeake) ppl cld come 2 Amer bt thy d 2 work 4 th person tha paid their trip (thy cld B forced 2 wok much longer thy shld -> corrupt sytm)
Chesapeake Families ml fam (death toll) Women indentured servants cldnt marry -> th “rich guy” didn’t wnt thm pregnant
Congregationalist puritans thy came 2 Amer w a purpose predestination ect 1620s
Mayflower Compact th ppl on th boat voted 4 governor+ made initial desc 4 th colon 1620
Plymouth separatist colony fr th May flower -> their survival = dep on th Massasoit
Massasoit Ind leader tha made a contract w th Plymouth settlers, ind -> food stuff …… Settlers -> helped 2 protect thm fr th Narragansett’s 1621
Massachusetts Bay Co. king Charles I came in 2 pwr (less relig open 2 puritans) Congregationalist merchants -> sent colonists 2 NE (thy = worried ab E long term prospects)-> (royal charter) Joint stock CO. attracted -> Puritans 1828
John Winthrop recruited by th MB Co. -> he gt a lot of pp 2 come 2 MA -> saw tha Amer cld be a Puritan common wealth “city upon a hill”
Doctrine Covenant communal ideals (Puritan) -> God hd sent thm 2 Amer -> so th ppl wld work 2 gether 2 ward goals (Mayflower Compact is 1 of th many)
Pequot War dominance of th region = linked w their trade w NE Ind nd th Dutch New Netherland -> Pequot clashed w th English cuz thy upset their pwer -> violence broke 2 eng died -> eng killed an entire village of Pequot 1637 = start
Roger Williams ws banished fr MA cuz he said tha Eng cldnt give land tha = Ind land -> polit sep fr relig -> nd tha puritans shldnt impose relig on others-> after being exiled he founded th relig freedom in RI 1636
Anne Hutchinson skilled med practitioner -> preached th covenant of grace (god gift of salvation) just like John Cotton -> attractive 2 puritans -> ws banished 2 RI -> she threatened orthodoxy nd gender roles 1637
Separatists sm sep though tha th church = 2 corrupt 22 B save so thy wnt 2 Amer (Mayflower) 1620
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