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WST300: Tough Guise

Tough Guise is the front that many men put up that’s based on an extreme notion of _____ that emphasizes toughness and physical _____ and gaining the respect and admiration of others through _____ or the implicit threat of it. masculinity; strength; violence
Traits that young men associate with being a real man: physical, strong, independent, intimidating, powerful, in control, rugged, respected, hard, a stud, athletic, muscular, and _____. Tough
Young men say that if they don't measure up, the consequences are being called: pussy, bitch, _____, queer, soft, momma's boy, emotional, girly, wimp, queer, weak, wuss, sissy. fag
Boys learn the notions of manliness from their families, community, & importantly the powerful and pervasive _____ system which provides a steady stream of _____ that define manhood as connected with _____, power and control. media; images; dominance
Defining manhood as connected with dominance, power and control is even more pronounced for men of color because there’s so little _____ of images for them, to begin with. diversity
Latino men are almost always presented either as _____, criminals, or tough guys in the barrio, and Asian-American men are disproportionately portrayed as _____ _____ and violent criminals. boxers; martial artists
Transcending race, what the media do is help to construct _____ masculinity as a cultural norm. violent
Violence isn’t so much a _____, but an accepted part of _____. Deviation; masculinity
Over __% of the people who commit murder, are men, and the women that do, often do so as _____ against men who are battering them. 85; defense
__ percent of people who commit violent physical assault are men. 90
__ percent of serious domestic violence is perpetrated by males, and its been estimated that one in __ men will use violence against a partner in their lifetime. 95; 4
Over __% of dating violence is committed by men, and very often it’s young men in their _____. 95; teens
Studies have found that men are responsible for between __% and __% of child sexual abuse whether the victim is female or male. 85; 95
__% of people in prison convicted of rape, are men. 99.8
Much of the violence is _____, that many boys who are abused as children grow up and become perpetrators themselves. cyclical
Statistically speaking, the major victims of men’s violence are _____ _____. other males
There are millions of male trauma survivors walking around today, men who were _____ as adolescents, or _____ physically or sexually as children. Thousands more men and boys are _____ or assaulted every year – usually by other men. bullied; abused; murdered
One of the things that happens in typical discussions about social problems is that the very way we _____ about the problems, tends to obscure some of the root causes. talk
Violence is not typically talked about as a gender issue, but the fact is that men perpetrate about 90% of violence. Part of the reason for this is because men are the _____ group. And one of the ways dominance functions is through being _____. dominant; unexamined
When we hear the word: race in the U.S. we tend to think _____ _____, Latino, Asian American, Native American; sexual orientation, we tend to think ___, lesbian, bisexual, transgender; gender, we tend to think _____. African American; gay; women
The linguist Julia _____ talks about how the use of the passive voice when we talk about crimes against women tends to shift our focus off of male _____ and on to female _____ and survivors. Penelope; perpetrators; victims
We talk about how many girls _____ raped last year, as opposed to saying, how many men _____ women or girls. Were; raped
Another way in which we can see this idea about the _____ of masculinity being played out is in the discussion about so-called “_____ violence”, but overwhelmingly it's ____ killing boys and killing girls. invisibility; youth; boys
if you don't say which gender is causing the violence, then in the subsequent discussion about the causes of the violence then you're going to leave out one of the _____ _____. key elements
In cases of road rage over 95% were males, but newspapers rarely talked about it as a ____ phenomenon. If 95% of the people doing it were women, the ____ ____ that would be talked about is what is going on w/women to cause them to act that way? male; single issue
When girls commit _____, that's always the subject. The gendered nature of the crime is always part of the discussion. violence
Lorena Bobbitt was a sensational case, but every day men are murdering and _____ women and it doesn't cause as a great a national outcry. mutilating
One of the reasons why the film, Thelma and Louise, caused such a stir back in the early nineties was that women were the ones who were acting _____. violently
Go into any video store and walk down the aisles and look at all the films that feature violence against _____ including _____ violence against women by men, and there's little _____ and little commentary by the movie critics. women; sexualized; outcry
Making masculinity _____ is the first step to understanding how it operates in the culture and how definitions of manhood have been linked to dominance and control. visible
Many cultural analysts would argue that if you want to understand the meaning of something in society, look at its representation in the _____. media
If we look at images of men and masculinity over the last fifty years we’d see that male bodies have become much _____ and stronger and more rippled. bigger
In comparison to the enlargement of the male body, the female ideal has become much thinner, more waifish, more _____. girlish
In an era when women have been _____ male power in business, the professions, education, and other areas of economic and social life, the images of women that have flooded the culture show women as less _____. challenging; threatening
Females are literally taking up less symbolic _____. space
_____ imagery has changed over the last fifty years, getting more menacing and bigger. Gun
There is nothing _____ about media images – they don’t just come about by accident. They’re made by someone, and mostly in our culture it’s been _____ that have been in charge when it comes to being the _____ and creators of popular culture natural; men; authors
The various social _____ that arose in the 1960s represent an incredible threat to established _____. movements; power
The modern multicultural women’s movement has given us a new way to think about ____ relations & ____ relationships & identities, and many men have experimented w/new personal ____, attitudes & approaches towards things like relationships, work & ____. gender; sexual; styles; parenting
Susan _____'s, Backlash argued that a lot of men were very disrupted and reacted very poorly to changes in the traditional idea of masculinity. Faludi
A _____ is an angry and often violent reaction by groups who feel threatened by progressive changes in the culture. backlash
When Andrew Dice Clay was articulating his anger towards women he would not have found an _____ if there wasn't something going on in the culture that he was tapping into. audience
Howard Stern is often portrayed in the popular discourse as this bad boy who’s challenging _____ morality & transgressing against ____ but what Stern actually does is simply reinforce, in crude fashion, some of the most tired, ____ sexist values. traditional; authority; conservative
What Stern does is create a world for his largely young male audience, a world in which they can feel good about themselves by putting down and sexually _____ women. degrading
The gender world might be changing all around them, but on the Howard Stern Show, women are bimbos to be stared at and _____. That is anything but transgressive exploited
Howard Stern took the Littleton tragedy as an opportunity to make a _____ joke. rape
Feminism is about equal rights, justice, fairness, and in that sense it’s as American as apple pie. But if you listen to Limbaugh, you’ll notice that he’s almost obsessed with _____ strong women. discrediting
The reason that Limbaugh uses such derisive & personally insulting terms is that it has the effect of shutting off thinking about the ideas that feminists represent – if you kill the messenger, you don’t need to face squarely the ____ of the message. implications
In men's shows mostly white men sit around and talk about sports and beer and sex, and surround themselves with highly sexualized women out of some male fantasy world who are not at all _____. threatening
One of the most virulent aspects of backlash is the level of _____ being perpetrated by young, presumably heterosexual men against gay men, lesbians, and transgendered people. violence
The rise in anti-gay violence is one of the clearest indications that a lot of young men are very _____ and _____ about their sexual and gender identities as the culture increasingly opens up. insecure; anxious
One way that some people responded to the Vietnam War was to say that we lost in Vietnam because we had lost our masculine _____. pride
What Rambo in some ways represented was macho, sort of American men saying that we didn't really lose in Vietnam, what really caused us the defeat was the _____ anti-war movement and _____ politicians. wimpy; spineless
Rocky films can be read as a metaphor for white working class men reasserting their authority against the challenges to their _____ that had come from social movements, especially the civil rights movement. authority
It’s not a big coincidence that Rocky emerged as a cultural icon right at the time when conservative politicians were using coded _____ appeals to attract working class white male voters. racist
The ultimate political manifestation of the backlash against the social movements of the 1960s and 1970s came in the 1980 election of the arch conservative and former Hollywood actor, _____ _____. Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan was against the _____’s movement, he was against the gay and lesbian liberation movements, he was against the _____ movement that opposed the Vietnam war. women; student
John Wayne is the screen name of a man who was born with the feminine name of _____ Morrison. He, in fact, hated _____. He dressed in fancy _____ suits when he was off camera. Marian; horses; business
During the WWII, Wayne was of right age & was fit enough to serve, but he chose to remain in ____ to pursue his ____ career, & that in fact lost him the respect of a lot of people who had bought into the tough manly ____ image he had created. Hollywood; acting; patriotic
The ideal of manhood that was being offered as an alternative to the changes of the 1960s and 70s came from the past, when racism, _____ and homophobia were the norm. sexism
The image that people like Reagan were trying to reproduce was already an _____ which hid a different and much more _____ masculinity underneath. act; complex
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