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WST300: Policing Gender - American Society

_____ _____ was a gay 14-year-old who defended himself against an assault, after being threatened with murderous violence, and was _____ from school as a result. Tyler Littlejohn; suspended
The greatest pressure on some schools to police gender with their own policies is _____ _____. Social prejudice
The key for schools is to be sure that they are responding out of _____ and _____ rather than a desire to police gender behavior themselves. compassion; care
When students transcend gender norms (such as a boy coming to school in a dress), the school has a choice to ____ that as disruptive, or will they work on getting to a place where everyone can be who they are and learning proceeds _____. prohibit; undisrupted
Kids are trying to negotiate sexuality, race, _____-_____ class, and gender. socio-economic
Not dressing or acting according to one's pre-assigned gender does not mean one is ____; it can mean that is just how one wants to ____ oneself. gay; express
_____ _____ is the executive director of a gay, lesbian, and straight education network. Eliza Byard
There are so many big and small ways that we express how we expect women and men to _____. act
_____ _____ is a fashion designer and TV star. Carson Kressley
Ms. Justin Vivian Bond, an artist, said that it is all a _____, the idea that people are supposed to ____ in certain ways because of their gender. construct; behave
_____ ______ is an author and youth advocate. Kate Bornstein
_____ _____ is when a person or a group decide that someone else's gender needs to come in line with what the police are thinking. Gender policing
There used to be _____ restrictions on what women could do and wear. Legal
A lot of times parents worry that the child is going to get ____ or made ____ of, so they try to intervene ____ and try to change the child to help them fit in out of ____. hurt; fun; behaviorally; love
Created by: silvrwood
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