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Chapters 9-12

Name the departments in Washington's first cabinet. Department of the Treasury, War, State and Attorney General
Which political figure took the leading establishing the Washington Administration's domestic priorities? Alexander Hamilton
Who might have agreed to the statements, "the many that do not think at all," and that democracy means, "government by the passions of the multitude." Alexander Hamilton
Who might have agreed with the statement that "liberty is safe only if the power is diffused among the virtuous, independent citizens?" Thomas Jefferson
What did Alexander Hamilton's Bank of the United States do? Provoked the first clear-cut argument over a strict versus loose interpretation of the Constitution.
The principles of the Monroe Doctrine included what? The United States would stay out of European affairs unless American interests were involved. The Western Hemisphere was closed to further European colonization. The United States would consider any further European colonization as unfriendly acts.
The Treaty of Ghent, ending the war of 1812, called for what? Restoration of the status quo.
The Battle of New Orleans? Took place after the War of 1812 was officially over.
On their expedition west, Lewis and Clark took a Native American Woman with them who was very important--Who was she? Sacajawea.
Who was Aaron Burr? He tied with Thomas Jefferson in the election of 1800, killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel, and tried to make a new country out of the Louisiana Territory in order to be its leader.
The practice of taking American soldiers from American ships and forcing them to serve in the British Navy was called? Impressment.
Which of the following was an accurate description of George Washington's style of presidential leadership? He deferred to Congress on domestic issues, spoke publicly on foreign relations and military affairs, and sought a wide range of opinions.
True or False--The Monroe Doctrine is the most important diplomatic statement in early American History? True.
True or False--Statehood for Missouri was delayed until its constitution was revised indicating free blacks could enter the state? True.
In the Treaty of San Lorenzo, which European nation agreed on the 31st parallel as the northern boundary of Florida? Spain
What document did Alexander Hamilton write that stated that women, children, and the handicapped should be used for cheap labor in factories? Report on Manufacturers
Members of this party tended to be the upper class, lived mainly in the northern areas and were usually involved in business of some sort. Federalists
Members of this party tended to be in the middle or the lower classes, lived mainly in the south and west and were usually involved in agriculture. Anti-Federalists
How much was the Louisiana Territory purchased for and from whom? $15 mil/France
In an attempt to "peaceably coerce" Great Britain into respecting American ships and citizens, which stopped trade with other countries, but it would hurt the United States economy more than the British, Thomas Jefferson would enact which act? The Embargo Act
Who was the vice president during Jefferson's firs term who is best known for killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel? Aaron Burr
Who is the first president of the United States? George Washington
Who is the second president of the United States? John Adams
Who is the third president of the United States? Thomas Jefferson
Who is the fourth president of the United States? James Monroe
Who is the sixth president of the United States? John Quincy Adams
Who is the seventh president of the United States? Andrew Jackson
Who was the eight president of the United States? Martin Van Buren
Who was the ninth president of the United States? Wiliam Henry Harrison
Who was the tenth president of the United States? John Tyler
Story to remember the presidents in order? There's a washing machine with apples. A chef in a maid's costume watching a man rowing while squinting at a dam. Michael Jacksons van is burning and Harry Potter is in a necktie while poking the tail of a filmer.
True or False--John Tyler became president in 1841 after President Van Buren died of pneumonia? False, William Henry Harrison
True or False--Interchangeable parts were technological innovation that most changed American production and businesses? True
True or False--In religion as well as politics, ordinary American demanded a greater voice in the early nineteenth century? True (Great Awakening)
True or False--The term "Trail of tears" refers to the system of separating families through the slave trade in the deep south? False, transfer of the Cherokee Indians to western reservations
True or False--South Carolina signed an ordinance of nullification and threatened succession from the union? True
True or False--The nullification crisis was sparked by conflict over a tariff? True
True or False--The Monroe Doctrine is the most famous diplomatic statement in early American history? True
True or False--Statehood for Maine was delayed until its constitution was revised indicating free blacks could enter the state? False, Missouri
The law passed by federalists extending the number of years an immigrant had to live in the United States before they could become a citizen was? The Naturalization Acts
Which law stated that speaking out against the government in almost any form was illegal? Sedition Act
Which state was admitted as a free state in order for Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state in the Missouri Compromise? Maine
The theory that the union is a voluntary organization and states had the right to override a federal law was called? Nullification
What did President Jackson do in his "war" on the Bank of the United States? He put federal revenue in smaller, state banks instead of the Bank of the United States
This election campaign was probably the nastiest in American history between Jackson and John Q. Adams. Election of 1828
The House of Representatives voted John Quincy Adams in as president when no one got a majority of electoral votes in this election. The Election of 1824
Anti-Jacksonian's called themselves "whigs" because? They accused Jackson of acting like a monarch
The Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments called for? Equal rights for women
Who began the mormon religion? Joseph Smith
Name three prominent writers identified with the American Renaissance. Nathaniel Hawthorn, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Henry David Thoreau
Which writer introduced into fiction the American frontiersman and placed his characters in the middle of actual historical events? James Fenimore Cooper
A supporter of Temperance believed? In the prohibition of alcoholic beverages
Andrew Jackson said one thing he regretted was not hanging this man. James C. Calhoun
Which president died one month after his inauguration? Martin Van Buren
Who was considered the "Champion of Nullifiers" Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson removed officeholders of the rival party and replaced them with members of his own party, what was this called? The Spoils System
Name two traits of Andrew Jackson. He used the veto power more than all of the presidents before him combined and fought duels and had one bullet in his chest for most of his life.
Which of the following nations of Native Americans was removed to Indian Territory as a result of Jackson's forced removal policy. Cherokee
What was the campaign slogan used during William Henry Harrison's election in 1840? Tippecanoe and Tyler too!
Which person was elected into the presidency in 1844? John Tyler
Who coined the phrase "Manifest Destiny?" John O'Sullivan
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