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Stuff to not fuck up on from practice test 12 (AKA AAMC TEST)

Number of Stereoisomers In A Chiral Molecule = 2^n, where n = number of chiral centers
When The Product Conc. > Ksp: A precipitate is formed
Sodium Ions Are Smaller Than: Potassium or chloride ions
Cl- Produces Twice As Many Ions In Solution As: Ca2+ in CaCl2
Sucrose Does NOT Possess: A hemiacetal functional group
Sucrose Will Not Undergo: Mutarotation
Doppler Ultra Sound Requires: The speed of sound, and the frequencies of the sound waves emitted and observed
HF Has An Abnormally High Boiling Point Due To: HF being affected by hydrogen bonding interactions to a greater degree than other Group 7A hydrides
Carboxyl's Stretching Frequency Occurs At: 1700-1750 cm-1
O-H's Stretching Frequency Is In The Region: 3200-3500 cm-1
Squalene Is Structurally Similar To: The fused 4-ring system of steroids
Squalene Is The Metabolic Precursor To: Steroids and Cholesterol
A Diverging Lens Will Spread Out The Light Before: The light rays reach the lens of the eye, which causes light to focus on a point closer to the retina
Sublimation Under Reduce Pressure Can Help Remove: Water from a frozen sample
The Ratio Of The Density Of An Object To The Density Of The Fluid It Is Submersed In Is Equal To: The weight of the object in air to the difference of submersed weight and weight on air
Histidine And Arginine Have Favorable Ionic Interactions With The Negatively Charged Phosphates Of: ADP
The Half-Life Of A Radioactive Substance Is The Time It Takes To: Reduce The Radioactivity Of A Substance By Half:
A Negatively Charged Particle Produced During Beta Decay Is: An electron
An Advantage Of Doppler Ultrasound Over Standard Ultrasound Is Its Ability To: Measure blood flow
A Good Buffer Has A pKa Within: 1 pH unit of the desired experimental conditions
Protein Transcription Principally Occurs In The: Endoplasmic reticulum (ER)
A Mother With A X-Linked Disease Will Always: Pass the recessive gene to her son
The Removal Of Introns And Splicing Of Remaining Pieces (exons) Is A Step In The Production of: Mature mRNA from the transcript produced from DNA
mRNA Processing (Splicing Out Introns) Doesn't Occur In: Prokaryotes
In Oxidative Phosphorylation, Cytochrome C Acts As: A 1-electron carrier
Nondisjunction Is The Failure Of Homologue Chromosomes To Separate During: Anaphase I
Kt, Transport Affinity, Will Not Change As A Result Of: There being more transport protein
Bacteria Respond To Changes In Their Environment Like A New Metabolite By: Transcribing and translating digestive enzymes for that particular metabolite
GAPDH Is : A housekeeping gene that is expressed continuously, and must be accessible to transcription factors, which would only be available in Euchromatin (since its in a loose conformation readily accessible for transcription)
Only Asparagine, Glutamine, And Tryptophan Carry: An equal amount of positive and negative charge at neutral pH
Actin Filaments Are: Microfilaments
When Fewer Visual Pigment Molecules Are Available To Absorb Light, The Nervous System Responds By: Having fewer signals of the weakly perceived color sent to the brain
Visual Receptor Cells In The Retina Serve To: Absorb light
BAT Is A Specialized Adipose Tissue That Contains: Large numbers of mitochondria that generate heat during thermogenesis
Only Single Celled Organisms Like Paramecium Are: Capable of extended independent life
In Anaerobic Respiration, Pyruvate Is: Converted Into Lactate In The Cytoplasm
Fatty Acids Contain: A carboxylic acid head group and a hydrocarbon tail
Systemic Veins Carry: High carbon dioxide levels
Systemic Arteries Carry: Low carbon dioxide levels
If RBCS Pass Through Capillaries Single File, Then: More RBC surface area is exposed, which increases the efficiency of gas exchange
The Lining Of The Mouth Is Derived From: The ectoderm
Proactive Interference Involves: The interference of information from long term memory with new information
Anomie Refers To A Lack Of Social Norms Which: Leads to a breakdown in the connection between an individual and his community
Morality In Kohlberg's Preconventional Stage of Moral Development's Is Determined By: What is punished or rewarded
Two Groups That Differ By Being In The Preoperational Period And The Concrete Operational Period Can Be Shown To Be Different By: Given a conservation task
A Periphery Nation Is A Less Economically Developed Nation With: Weak governments and institutions
According To Mead, The Spontaneous And Autonomous Part Of Our Unified Self Is: "I"
Observational Learning Is Considered To Be: Social learning
Repeating A Sentence While Being Presented With Target Words Will Engage: Working memory
Expected Results Of Increased Sympathetic Nervous System Activity Include: Increased sympathetic nervous system activity, increased blood sugar through gluconeogenesis, increased dilation of the pupils
The Linguistic Abilities Of A Person Are In: The left hemisphere of the brain
A Person Projecting His Own Feelings Of Inadequacy, Is Exhibiting Behavior That Stems From What Part Of Psychoanalytic Theory: Projection
Created by: SamB91
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