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Stuff to not fuck up on from practice test 11

Materials That Are Repelled By An External Magnetic Field Are Considered To Be: Diamagnetic
Red Wavelengths Are The Longest Because It Has: The lowest frequency
Different Tissues In The Body Have: Different heat capacities
If Each Rival Group In A Stereochemistry (E vs Z) Problem Have The Same Two Groups Attached: There is no stereochemistry
Peaks Between 0 And 3 Correspond To: Protons attached to an alkane carbon
Since Acetic Acid Is A Weak Base, Its Conjugate Base Should Be: A weak base
Large Amounts Of Cholesterol Can Form Gallstones Because: The intermolecular forces between cholesterol and water are too weak
Sound Wave Are What Type Of Waves: Longitudinal waves
If There Are Less Purines, There Must Be: Relatively more pyrimidines
The Part of An Antibody That Binds Antigens Is: The fragment antigen-binding or Fab region
If Two Distinct Antibodies Bind To The Same Antigen, Then: They must have a difference in the Fab region
Cerebrosides Have A Single Sugar (Monosaccharide) In: Their head groups
Since Water Molecules Minimize Their Interactions With The Hydrophobic Side Chain, They Adopt Positions To Min. Interactions With Hydrophob. Side Chain And: Maximize their interactions with other molecules, which limits the number of available conformations and decreases the entropy of the water molecules
An Enol Is A Molecule That Contains: An alcohol adjacent to a double bond
An Enolate Is The Anion Formed When: The alcohol in an enol undergoes deprotonation
Mannose Is A: Carbohydrate
An Organic Molecule That Enhances The Activity Of Another Enzyme Is: A coenzyme
Systemic Errors Are Errors That Consistently: Bias results from an experiment in a particular manner
The Gabriel Synthesis Of Primary Amines Uses: Phthalimide, which is a heterocyclic aromatic compound
Saccharine Is A: Heterocyclic aromatic compound
Using Different Columns In A Liquid Chromatography Experiment Can be A Source Of: Random error
Gas Molecules Have More Kinetic Energy Than Liquid Molecules At: The boiling point of a liquid
Leucine Has An Alkyl Side Chain, Therefore It Will Be: Hydrophobic
The Third Deprotonation Is The Deprotonation Of The Amino Group, Which Occurs Around: pH 9
During The Absorptive State, Tissues ARe Relying On The Available: Glucose in the blood exclusively for energy
A Plasmid Does Not Contain A Centromere, So A Replicated Plasmid Will Not: Bind to the microtubules of the mitotic spindle
cDNA Is A Copy Of The mRNA, So Its Length Does Not: Depend on the existence or absence of mutations
Deletections Of Amino Acids Can Affect A Protein's: Primary, secondary, and tertiary structure
A Drug That Inhibits Schwann Cell Function Will Result In: Slowed impulse transmission in the peripheral nervous system
Megakaryocytes Are Large Cells That Give Off Small Cell Fragments To Become: Platelets
Glycogenolysis In Muscle Cells Doesn't Produce: A spike in blood glucose levels
A Phosphate Has A Number Of: Negative charges
The Final Step Of The Pentose Phosphate Pathway Involves A: Oxidative decarboxylation
By Increasing The Fluidity Of Membranes, There Will Be An Increase In: The permeability of the membrane
Lipid Biosynthesis Begins With: Acetyl-CoA
Groups Of Similar Polarity Tend To: Group together
ATP Synthesis Is A Reaction That Requires Energy So It Is Usually Coupled To: A reaction that does not require energy
The Side Chain Of Phenylalanine And Histidine Is: Neither acidic or basic
Any Carbon Atoms That Stay In The Citric Acid Will Ultimately Be Released From The Body As: Carbon dioxide
The Melting Point Of Hybrid DNA Is Determined By: The degree of homology between the two strands
Meiosis Generates Haploid Cells That May Have An: Odd number of chromosomes
Dysthymia Is A Depressed Mood That Is: Not severe enough to meet the criteria of major depression
Using Partial Information To Problem Solve Is Encompassed By: Heuristics
The First Eye Structure That Light Hits Is: The outer layer of ganglion cells
The Structure In The Optic Tract That Is Responsible For Processing Information Such As Shape And Movement is: The lateral geniculate nucleus in the thalamus
A Person Who Conforms To What He Believes The Group Will Like To Hear Is: Form of ingratiation
Stage 1 Of Demo. Trans: Preindustrial societies with high birth and death rates
Stage 2 Of Demo. Transition Features: Improvements in healthcare, sanitation, nutrition, and wages that cause death rates to drop
Stage 3 of Demo. Transition Features: Improvements in contraception, women's rights, and a shift from an agricultural to an industrial economy causing birth rates to drop
Stage 4 Of Demo. Transition Is Characterized By: Industrial societies with low birth and death rates
The Stress Hormones, Cortisol And Cortisone, Are Released By: The adrenal glands in the hypothalamus
The 68-95-99 Rule Of Standard Deviation States That: 95% of the data within a normally distributed set must fall within 2 standard deviations of the mean
Gestalt Processing As A Function Of Bottom-Up Processing Is Characterized By: Utilizing small, familiar details to build a larger complex image
Groupthink Is The Phenomenon In Which: Agreement is valued over accuracy
A Patient With Untreated Resting Tremor And Moderate Dementia Is Exhibiting: Parkinson's Disease
If Living In A City Would Add To A Person's Status, This Would Be Considered To Be: Cultural capital
High States Of Physiological Arousal Are Correlated With: Increased expression of the excitation neurotransmitter, Epinephrine
Aggression Is Mediated By: The amygdala
Impulse Control Is An Executive Function Localized Predominantly To: The prefrontal cortex
Histrionic Personality Disorder Is Characterized By: Constant attention-skeeking behavior
The Explicitly Stated Characteristics Of Globalization Include: Rising levels of global unemployment, elevated pollution levels, and decreased barriers to cultural exchange
A Plutocracy Is Defined As: Rule by upper classes where social mobility is low and wealth is unevenly distributed
The Yerkes-Dodson Law Of Social Facilitation States That: Being in the presence of others significantly raises arousal
Created by: SamB91
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