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Medical History

Ancient Times

What group of people were the first to develop built sewers to carry waste away from the cities; they were the first to organize medical care for injured soldiers, drained marshes to reduce the spread of malaria. Ancient Romans
A period known as "rebirth of science of medicine" bodies of the dead were dissected allowing medical students to study the body organs and make connections of their functionality. The Renaissance
A plagued that killed almost 75 percent of the population of Europe and asia Bubonic plague
This was a time when the Roman Empire had fallen, the study of medicine had ceased, individuals began to die young because of unsanitary conditions The Dark Ages and Middle Ages
The Father of Medicine, He is the author of the "code of conduct for doctors Hippocrates
What is the code of conduct called? The Hippocratic Oath
What group of people known for their maintaining accurate health records, and they also believed in bloodletting Ancient Egyptians
A time when it was thought that demons and evil spirits were the cause of illness Primitive Times
This group of people believed that massage, art therapy, hebal treatment were used as therapies. Believed that cleanliness prevent the spread of disease Ancient Greeks
This group believed in treating the whole man called "holistic medicine" Ancient Chinese
The stethoscope invented in 1816 by Robert Laennec
Was the founder of modern nursing Florence Nightingale
Started using disinfectant and antiseptics during surgery to prevent infection Joseph Lister
What did Francis Clarke invented? Develop the hearing aid
What organization did Clara Barton found? Tha American Red Cross
William Roentgen discovered what? the roentgenograms (X-rays)
Who discovered how to pasturize milk to kill bacteria, also proved that microrganisms caused disease, and created the vaccine for rabies Louis Pasteur
What did Gregory Mendel establish? The principles of hereditary and dominate/recessive patterns
Who discovered viruses? Dimitri Ivanofski
Who introduced aspirin in the powder form? Adolf Von Bayer
Isolated bacteria that caused TB, also discovered a method for identifying pathogens Robert Kock
Developed a vaccine for Typhoid fever Almroth Wright
Paul Ehrlich German bacteriologist Developed the foundation for modern theories of immunity, and used chemicals to eliminate microorganisms
This scientist discovered penicillin Sir Alexander Fleming
This Physician developed the Pap test to detect cervical cancer in woman Dr. Papanicolaou
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