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Things To Not Fuck Up From Practice Test 10

Reacting The Carboxylic Acid Group Of Pencillin G With Acetic Acid Would Produce: An anhydride
Functional Groups That Undergo Hydrolysis Under Either Acidic Or Basic Conditions Include: Carboxylic acid derivatives such as esters, amides, lactones, acid chlorides, acid anhydrides, and nitriles
An Ester Cleavage Will Result In: A carboxylic acid and an alcohol
An Amide Cleavage Will Result In A: Carboxylic acid and an amine
Strontium-90 That Weighs 4 Amu is Undergoing: Alpha decay because it is emitting an alpha particle of two protons and two neutrons
Atomic Size Decreases From: Left to right, and from bottom to top in the periodic table
Nonpolar Side Chain Participate In What Interactions Between AA residues?: Hydrophobic interactions
D-Galactose When Subjected To Electrophoresis Will Be: Randomly distributed throughout the electrophoresis chamber
Malonic Esters Have Two Ester Groups Separated By: One carbon
Typically, ΔG0 For ATP Hydrolysis Is About: -30 kJ/mol
Calcium Carbonate, CaCO3 Is: A weak base
The Absolutel Stereochemistry Of The C-1 Carbons In Galactose And Glucose Is: (R) in both
T In Thermodynamic Problems (ΔG0 = ΔH0 - T*ΔS0) Is Assumed To Be: 25℃ or 298 K
Epimers Are Also: Disastereomers
A Ganglioside Is A Sphingolipid With An Attached: Oligosaccharide as a head group
Unsaturated Fatty Acids Tend To Exist As: Liquids (oils)
Saturated Fatty Acids Tend To Exist As: Solids (fats)
Ionizing Means A Compound Will: Lose an electron
Exciting A Compound Means That An Electron Is: Moved up to a higher energy orbital
Order Of Reactivity For Carboxylic Acids And Their Derivatives In Decreasing Order: Acid anhydrides, carboxylic acids, esters, amides
Absorption Of Light By A Molecule Normally Requires: Extensive conjugation
Having A High Standard Deviation In An pH Experiment Means That: pH values differed wildly amongst each other
A Protein Is A Large Complex Molecule That Undergoes: Acid-sensitive hydrolysis reactions
K+ And Cl- Are Both Isoelectronic To: Argon, which means they have the same number of occupied orbitals
If A Third Electron Is Being Removed From A Stable Shell Of A Compound, It Must Be: An alkali earth metal in Group II of the periodic table
In Human Cells Undergoing Aerobic Respiration, 1 Molecule Of Glucose Produces: 36 ATP
G Protein-Coupled Receptors Are Transmembrane Protein Molecules That Must Be Synthesized By: Ribosomes associated with the endoplasmic reticulum
Ribosomes That Are Associated With ER Synthesize All Proteins That Have: To Cross the membrane
A Right Shift In An Oxygen Dissociation Curve Is Caused By A: Decrease in pH
The Neural Crest Eventually Becomes Many Structures Including Schwann Cells, Which Are Responsible For: Myelination of the PNS (Peripheral Nervous System)
An Uncompetitive Inhibit Binds To Only The Substrate-Enzyme Complex And Lower Both: The Km and the Vmax for the reaction
Antibodies Produced In An Autoimmune Disorder Against The Receptors Of A Particular Cell, Which Act Like: Antigens
The Enzyme That Makes Cuts In Both DNA Strands During DNA Replication Is: Topoisomerase
Helicase Unzips DNA Strands By Forcing Apart The Two Strands Of The Double Helix And Does Not: Induce chemical changes in the DNA strands
The Ovum Is Arrested In Metaphase II Of Meiosis II Until: Fertilization
Antidiuretic Hormone Or Vasopressing Increases: Urine osmolarity, and decreases water excretion by increasing the water permeability of distal tubule and collecting duct cells in the kidney
Excreting More Fluid Will Result In: Lowered blood pressure
Since Cytosine Is A Pyrimidine, It Cannot Undergo Deamination To: Form a purine like Adenine
If Deaminated Cytosine Gives Uracil, The Cell Should Be Able To: Detect and correct that change
Red Blood Cells Are Dependent On Glycolysis Alone For: ATP Production
The Solid Ball Of Cells In Embryonic Development Is Called: A morula
The Patellar Reflex Is A Monosynaptic Reflex Meaning That The Signal From The Sensor Neuron Will: Travel to the effector motor neuron directly to cause some sort of movement
The Mutation That Causes Sickle Cell Disease occurs In: The gene coding for the β chain of hemoglobin
Anti-clotting Agents Prevent Blood Clot Formation Caused By: Plasma proteins and platelets
Sickled Red Blood Cells Clot Because They: Jam in blood vessels due their sickled, inflexible state
Heart Rate And Respiration Rate Are Controlled By: The hindbrain (the medulla) in the CNS (Central Nervous System)
Neurofibromin Usually Functions To Blow: RAS, which is a protein involved in signal transduction
Kinases Are Enzymes That Add: Phosphate groups
Mutases Are Enzymes That: Isomerize molecules
L-Amino Acids Have The Following Configuration At The α-carbon: (S) configuration
D-Amino Acids Have The Following Configuration At The α-carbon: (R) configuration
The Cytoskeleton Is Composed Of Three Main Components: Thin filaments made of actin, microtubules, and intermediate filaments
The Second Sickness Is Defined As: The exacerbation of health outcomes caused by social injustice
The Canal Of Schelmm, Located Inside The Anterior Chamber Of The Eye, Is Responsible For: Draining aqueous humor
If The Canal Of Schelmm Is Blocked: Pressure inside the eye increases, which puts a patient at risk for glaucoma
The Hypothalamus Contains Receptors That Detect: The amount of water in the blood
The Hypothalamus Sends Signals To The Pituitary Gland To: Release ADH, which acts on the kidneys
The Utricle In The Inner Ear Is Responsible For Sensing: Horizontal movement
The Saccule In The Inner Ear Is Responsible For Sensing: Verticle Movement
Less Education Leads To: Poorer access to care or poorer quality of care
Short-term Memory Has A Maximum Inventory Of: 7 +- 2 items that are not limited to numbers
Fines Are Considered To Be Forms Of: Punishment
Anhedonia Is Defined As: The loss of interest in formally enjoyable activities
Muscular Pain Tends To Be: Poorly localized, and subject to referral to other areas of the body
Cutaneous Pain Is: Highly localized (location specific)
Glycogen Is A Sugar That Is Capable Of: Branching
In Terms Of Sugars, Alpha = Axial
To Separate A Charged Particle From An Uncharged Particle, It Is Preferred To Use: Ion exchange column chromatography
In The Electron Transport Chain, Oxygen Is: The final electron acceptor
In The Electron Transport Chain, Oxygen Accepts Two Protons To Form: Water
Created by: SamB91
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