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Stuff To Not Fuck Up On Again From Practice Test 9

The Axon Can Be Thought As A Parallel Plate Capacitor In Which The Cell Membrane Acts As An: Insulator between the relatively negative inside of the neuron and the relatively positive outside
Capacitance Is Inversely Related To: Distance according to the formula, C = E0 (A/d)
Sphingomyelin Contains: Sphingosine, a sphingosine backbone bound to a fatty acid residue that has an amide, are a ceramid, and contain a phosphodiester bond
Sphingomyelins Are Also Known As: Sphingophospholipids
Lipids Are Mainly Held Together By: London dispersion forces
The Reflected Angle With Respect To The Interference Fringe In A Tiny Plane Mirror Must Be: The complementary angle
If An Image Is On The Same Side Of The Transmitted Light Rays And On The Opposite Side Of The Light Source, Then It Is: A real image
The Movement Of Particles From A Region Of High Concentration To A Region Of Low Concentration Is Associated With: An increase in entropy
An SN2 Reaction Requires A: Good nucleophile
Chloromethane + Sodium Hydroxide = Methanol
Due To The Presence Of A Carbonyl Group And A Hydroxyl Group On Glucose: A hemiacetal will form when the molecule cyclizes
A Catalyst Lowers The Transition State Of A Reaction But Does Not Change: The energy of any intermediates or of the product
Since g Is Present On Both Sides Of The Buoyant Force Equation: A person would float in water no matter what planet he is on
What Could Disrupt The Covalent Bonds In Someone's Curly Hair (Has a disulfide bond) And Change Its Curliness?: A strong reducing agent
Under Acidic Conditions, A Thiol Group Will Be: Protonated
Tertiary Or Quatenary Structure May Be Determined By: Disulfide bonds
Cysteine Is The Only Amino Acid That Forms: Disulfide bonds
Ammonium Chloride Is An Acid That Can: Directly alter pH of urine
A Biologist Should Avoid Samples That Would Be Likely To Have An Abnormally High Or Abnormally Low Risk Of A Disease, Since: They will not be representative of the population that the biologist is interested in studying
Barium, Like Calcium, Is: An alkali earth metal
The Molecular Formula Of Citrate Is: C6H5O7^-3
As A Skydiver Approaches A Constant Terminal Velocity, His Acceleration Will: Start to approach zero, and then increase sharply as he hits the ground
The Kent Reaction IS An Example Of A: Double nucleophilic acyl substitution in which the type of carboxylic acid derivative is replaced with anotehr
Reactive Side Chains Are Usually Protected Before: Their use in synthesis
If A Sequence Of Amino Acids Is Altered In A Protein, This Is A Modification Of: Its primary structure
Water Level According To The Dumbasses At Kaplan = Volume
The Recognition Of / Binding To Complex Side Chains Of (BLANK) On The Surface Of Cells Implicates A Role In Guiding Cell-Cell Interactions: Oligosaccharides
Trypsin Is An Enzyme That Functions Normally At: Physiological pH
What Would Cause Aggregation To Occur More Quickly: A larger quantity of dissociated cells
A Reaction That Will Happen At Any Temperature Means That It Will Be: Spontaneous, meaning that it will have a decrease in enthalpy, and an increase in entropy
Lithium Aluminum Hydride Is: A reducing agent
Caffeine Is Most Categorized As: A purine
The Liver Is The Primary Site For: Gluconeogenesis
Fatty Acids Are Broken Down By: Mitochondria and peroxisomes through oxidation
Fatty Acids Are Synthesized In The: Cytoplasm
With Linked Genes, It Is Expected To See A Higher Proportion Of Parental Phenotypes Than: Recombinant phenotypes
If The Expected 9:3:3:1 Outcome Pattern Is Not Found In A Cross, This Indicates That The Genes Are Not: Independent
The Embryonic Heart Is Derived From Which Developmental Layer?: The mesoderm
The Scapula Is Formed From Bone, Therefore What Developmental Layer Is It Derived From?: The mesoderm
The Mother And Father Both Contribute Equally To: The chromosomal DNA
The Mitochondrial DNA Is Solely Contributed By: The mother
The Replicative Ability Of A Stem Cell Is Due To Its Ability To Produce And Use: Telomerase
At The End Of The Sixth Week Of Development: The Right Heart Of A Fetus: Receives oxygenated blood, and the left heart receives deoxygenated blood (Right Heart vs Left Heart: 75 mm hg / 75 mm hg)
Glucosuria, Or Sugar In The Urine Due To Diabetes Melitus, Is Due To: The inability of the nephron to actively reabsorb all glucose passively filtered into the Bowman's capsule
At The Neuromuscular Junction, Postsynatptic Acetylcholine Receptors Mediate: The transmission of the signal from the nerve to the muscle fiber
During Prophase, Centrosomes Migrate To: Opposite poles of the cell
Paternity is (BLANK) To Establish Than Maternity Though Both Can Be Determined: Easier to
Applying Heat To A Nerve Increases: The kinetic energy of the ions around it, and therefore the speed of transit through open channels
Temperatures That The Human Body Can Withstand Are Not High Enough To: Damage myelin
The Primary Somatosensory Cortex Is Located In: The parietal lobe
The Primary Inhibitory Neurotransmitter In The Brain Is: GABA
Fatty Acids Are Used To Synthesize: Ketone bodies
Glycerol Backbones Are Used In: Gluconeogenesis
Nervous Tissue, Skin, And Hair Are Derived From What Developmental Layer?: The ectoderm
When A Large Portion Of A Population Dies And The Genes Of The Survivors Become More Common After The New Population Reaches Carrying Capacity Is An Example Of: Genetic drift
The Phosphoribose Backbone Of DNA Is: Negatively charged
Deoxyribose Is Missing The: 2' hydroxyl group
The Three Amino Acids That Have OH Groups In Their Side Chains Include: Serine, Threonine, And Tryptophan
The Elevated Temperature In The PCR Reaction Allows: The DNA helix to separate
The Specific Oligonucleotide Primers Used In PCR Promote The Replication Of: The DNA sequence that lies between them
Molecules Required For Fatty Acid Biosynthesis Include: Acetyl Coenzyme A, Malonyl Coenzyme A, and NADPH
Acetoacetate, Acetone, And B-hydroxybutyrate Are All: Ketones or their derivatives
During Anaphase Of Mitosis, The Genetic Material In The Cell Is Best Characterized As: Two sets of 46 distinct chromatids being pulled to opposite sides of the cell
ADH Decreases Urine Volume By: Increasing water reabsorption in the collecting duct of the nephron
3 Nucleotides Code For: 1 amino acid
K+ Is An Intracellular Ion So Ion Channels Will Favor The: Emission of this ion out of the cells, while H+ will move into the cells
A Negatively Charged Ion Will Follow A: Positively charged ion out of a cell
Proline's Side Chain Is Bound To Its Alpha Amino Nitrogen,Which Forms An Inflexible Five Membered Ring, Does Not Allow For: Alpha helix formation
Astrocytes Fill The Gaps Where There Is Dead / Dying Neuronal Tissue In Order To: Reseal the CNS to prevent infection and limit further damage
The Parasympathetic Nervous System Is Often Referred To As The: Rest and Digest system, meaning that it is active when the body is resting, and when digesting food is important
The Sympathetic Nervous System Is Responsible For Responding To: Stressors such as hunger
Failing To Provide Clear And Detailed Instructions To Ensure That All Participants Began An Experiment With Comparable Levels Of A Variable Would Lead To: Systemic error
An Individual Who Exhibits Behavior That Was Partially Due To A Product Of Two Strangers Being Cast In A Certain Light Regardless Of Their Actual Personality Or Strengths Is An Example Of: Stereotype threat
An Attendant Who Makes Negative Generalizations About One Ethnicity Based Upon Comparisons To His Own Ethnicity Is Demonstrating: Ethnocentrism
Observed Behavior That Reflects A Belief In Free Will As The Foremost Determinant In Behavior Is An Example Of The: Humanistic perspective
A Person That Can Easily Present Themselves In A Way That Showcases Their Own Social Persona Accurately Is: Exhibiting their front stage self
Color Discrimination Occurs In: The visual cortex which is located in the occipital lobe
Social Loafing Results When Members Of The Group Do Not Work As Much As They Would Have In: An individual setting, due to seeing their contribution as insignificant or due to reliance upon others
An Individual That Is Incapable Of Producing Endolymph Will Be Deaf In Both Ears Because: Endolymph is responsible for bathing hair cells on the organ of Corti
Hierarchy Of Salience Refers To The Idea That Importance Of A Given Identity Is: Dependent on the situation
James-Lange Theory Is Rooted In The Idea That Physiological Responses To Stimuli Occur: Almost immediately and are then attributed with emotional labels
Social Reproduction Is The Phenomenon In Which: Social inequalities are passed from one generation to the next
Created by: SamB91
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