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US Government 3-4

the vocab

A(n) ______ is a way to change the Constitution amendment
The government and its officers must obey the ______, which is another way of describing the concept of limited government. rule of law
A(n) ______ is one of the seven numbered sections of the Constitution. article
The system of ______ helps keep one branch of government from diminating the actions of the others. checks and balances
The Constitution provides for the ______ by creating three distinct branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial. separation of powers
A(n) ______ carries the same force of law as a treaty. executive agreement
A governmental action that denies someone fair and equal treatment under the law may be declared ______. unconstitutional
The first ten amendments are called the ______. Bill of Rights
Changes to the written provisions of the Constitution may be made only through the process of______. formal amendment
those powers exercised solely by the National Government exclusive powers
federal aid given to States and local governments with virtually no conditions attached block grant
those powers not denied to the states, and not granted specifically to the National Government by the Consitution reserved powers
the separation of governmental powers between the National Government and the 50 State governments division of powers
those powers granted in the Constitution only to the National Government exclusive powers
provides that a State cannot take unfair advantage in its laws of the residents of another State Privileges and Immunities Clause
In order for a new State to be admitted to the Union, Congress must pass a(n) ______ after a State constitution has been approved by the people of the proposed State. act of admission
States may receive grants of federal land under a(n) ______ for such purposes as establishing schools and colleges. grants-in-aid program
Congress must passa(n) ______ before a territory can write a proposed State constitution. enabling act
According to the ______, a State cannot take unfair advantage in its laws of the residents of another State. Privileges and Immunities Clause
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