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US Government 13-14

the vocab

the President's role as the head of the armed forces commander in chief
the formal statement of a political party's basic principles platform
the plan by which a presidential vacancy is filled presidential succession
the speech given by an important party member at the first session of the national convention keynote address
the mass of people who actually cast votes in an election electorate
the name of the group that makes the formal selection of the President electoral college
The President is the nation's______, heading a large government organization. chief administrator
Under the ______system, a candidate who wins the preference vote in a primary automatically wins the support of all the delegates chosen in the primary. winner-take-all
Presidential candidates often choose a running mate who can______ by virtue of certain characteristics. balance the ticket
The ______ is the group of people chosen from each State and the District of Columbia to formally select the President and Vice President. electoral college
As ______, the President holds broad power in domestic and foreign affairs. chief executive
______ must cast their State's formal votes for President. presidential electors
The basic statement of the party's policies and principles is known as its ______. platform
Most States had to change their primary laws to account for the Democreats` ______ rule. proportional representation
As ______, the President is the symbol of all the people of the nation. chief of state
A ______ is an international agreement that requires senate approval. treaty
Since a full pardon was not granted, the criminal asked for a(n) ______ to lessen her senence. commutation
A(n) ______ is a pact between the President and a foreign state taht does not require Senate approval. executive agreement
The ______ outlines the powers of the presidency. Executive Article
A______ postpones the execution of a sentence, but in itself does not change the sentence. reprieve
A directive, rule, or regulation made by the President that has the effect of law is called a(n) ______. executive order
Without the consent of the Senate, the President can make a(n) ______ with heads of foreign states. executive agreement
Under the power of ______, the President can accept another country as equal in the family of nations. recognition
______ is the granting of a genral pardon to a whole group of law violators. amnesty
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