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private pilot

FAA written questions

Applying carburetor heat will enrich the fuel/air mixture
How do variations in temperature affect the altimeter? Pressure levels are raised on warm days and the indicated altitude is lower than true altitude.
With respect to the certification of aircraft, which are categories of aircraft? Normal, Utility, Acrobatic.
Which type of weather briefing should a pilot request when departing within the hour, if no preliminary weather information has been received? Standard Briefing.
In which type of airspace are VFR flights prohibited? Class A
If there is a thunderstorm activity in the vicinity of an airport at which you plan to land, which hazardous atmospheric phenomenon might be expected on the landing approach? Wind-shear turbulence
Which statement best dfines hypoxia? A state of oxygen deficiency in the body
How long does airworthiness certificate of an aircraft remain valid? As long as the aircraft is maintained and operated as required by federal aviation regulations.
What is one of the neglected items when a pilot relies on short-and long term memory for repetitive tasks Checklists
One purpose of the dual ignition system on an aircraft engine is to provide for... improved engine performance
Which factor would tend to increase the density altitude at a given airport An increase in ambient temperature.
If instructed by ground control to taxi to runway 9, the pilot may proceed via taxiways and across runways to, but not onto Runway 9
While in flight a helicopter and an airplane are converging at a 90 degree angle. The helicopter is located to the right of the airplane. Which aircraft has the right of way, and why? The helicopter, because it is to the right of the airplane.
VFR cruising altitudes are required to be maintained when flying more than 3,000 feet agl, based on magnetic course.
A proper crosswind landing on a runway requires that, at the moment of touchdown, the direction of motion of the airplane and its longitudinal axis be parallel to the runway
Sigmets are issued as a warning of weather conditions that are hazardous to all aircraft
Deviation in magnetic compass is caused by the magnetic fields in the aircraft distorting the lines of magnetic force.
The possibility of carburetor icing exists even when the ambient air temperature is as high as 95 degrees F and the relative humidity is high
How is engine operation controlled on an engine equipped with a constant-speed propeller? The throttle controls power output as registered on the manifold pressure gauge and the propeller control regulates engine rpm.
Which items are included in the empty weight of an aircraft? Unusable fuel, hydraulic fluid, and fixed ballast.
The center of gravity of an aircraft can be determined by which of the following methods? Dividing total moments by total weight.
In an airplane equipped with a constant-speed propeller and normally aspirated engine, which procedure should be used to avoid placing undue stress on the engine components? When power is being? increased, increase the rpm before increasing the manifold pressure.
Which airspeed would a pilot be unable to identify by the color coding of an airspeed indicator? The maneuvering speed.
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