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Stuff To Not Fuck Up On Again From Practice Test 8

Radioactive Iodine 1-131's Ability To Cause Cell Death Is Due To: β-decay, which is the loss of an electron or positron
The Cathode In A Galvanic Cell Is: The site of reduction
Elemental Iron Will Not React With Water Without: The addition of oxygen which oxidizes the iron to form rust
The Lower The Reduction Potential Of A Metal, The More: Vigorously it will react with HCl
Methanol Is Freely Soluble In Water, And Will Affect The Boiling Point Of Water Solutions But Does Not: Ionize to any appreciable amount and will not conduct electricity
Liquid Water Will Always: Have some ions in solutions
When The Quaternary Structure Of A Protein In A Gel Filtration Column Is Lost: The conglomerates separate into their individual component proteins, and the larger conglomerate (undamaged) proteins will elute through the column first
The Deacylation Of Aspirin Is An: Ester hydrolysis reaction
The Work Done By A Gas In A Calorimeter Relies On Any Change In: Volume of the container that is holding in it (so if the container doesn't change volume, the gas doesn't do any work)
Tf In A Combustion Reaction Is The: Final temperature after combustion of products
An Object That Is 100 M Away From The Eye Can Be Considered To Be: At infinity
A Deacetylase Removes: An acetyl group (CH3COR) from a reactant
Enzymes Dot Not Change: The potential energy, initial state, and final state of a reaction
Peptide Bonds Link The: Primary sequence of amino acids in a protein, and are not observed when a polypeptide bends or folds to form a secondary structure
When A Polypeptide Folds Into A 3-D Shape (Tertiary Structure Of A Protein), Peptide Bonds: Do not form
Albumins Are Globular Proteins That: Act as carriers, enzymes, and have a variety of other functions in the body
A Carbonyl Carbon In IR Spectroscopy Exhibits: A sharp peak at 1700 cm-1
Enantiomers Can Only Have Different Physiological Effects By: Interacting with a stereospecific receptor
Diols Can Also Be Described As: Monoesters of glycerol
The Rate Of A Reaction Will Be Highest When There Is: The lowest energy of activation
Nucleosides Do Not Have: A phosphate group attached
Adenosine Once Attached To A Phosphate Group Becomes: A nucleotide
Disulfide Linkages Arise Between The Covalent Interaction Between: Two cysteine residues
Tautomerization Results In: Constitutional isomers
Insulin Lowers: Blood glucose
After Early Days Of Nutrient Deprivation, The Brain Uses Glucose As A Source Of Fuel, Which Leads To: The rapid breakdown of muscles
Insulin And Glucagon Are Endocrime Hormones Secreted By: The pancreas into the bloodstream
Insulin Is A Peptide: Hormone, and contains alpha helices
If A Fluorescent Experiment Is PCR Dependent, Then The Level Of Fluorescence Will Correspond With: mRNA levels
Water Is A Passive Process That Does Not: Require a carrier protein
The Two Key Features Of Fatty Acids In Eukaryotes Are: The presence of an even number of carbons, and when double bonds are present, they are CIS not TRANS
In Mitosis, The Nuclear Membrane Disintegrates During: Prophase
The Ovum Is Arrested In Metaphase II Until: After the egg is fertilized
Steroid Hormones Bind To Receptors In The Nucleus And Directly Regulate: The transcription of RNA
Hormones Whose Receptor Is On The Surface Of The Cell Are: Peptide hormones
A Racemic Mixture Will Have: 50% of each isomer
Pyruvate Produced By Glyolysis Is Further Metabolized To: Lactate
Grater Cholesterol Content In The Membrane: Increases fluidity (which helps in cold situations)
Developmental Problems That Induce Problems In Other Structures Is An Example Of: Induction
The Job Of Sorting Proteins For Their Final Destination Takes Place In: The golgi apparatus
A Zymogen Is A Normally Inactive Product That When Changes Its Structure When: It is activated in its target organ
The Three Regulation Points For The Citric Acid Cylce (Citrate Synthase, Isocitrate Dehydrogenase, And The alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase complex) Exhibit Negative Feedback As A Result Of: High levels of ATP
Uncompetitive Inhibitors Work Best When: There is a high amount of substrate present
Horizontal Gene Transfer Is The Transfer Of Genes From: One organism to another other than through reproduction
A Test Cross Of Two Heterozygotes Will Result In: 50% of offspring that have that phenotype
A Double Crossover Involves Two Recombination Events That Results In: A middle portion of each chromosome being exchanged while the ends remain the same
Functions Of The Integumentary System Include: Protecting against infection, regulating body temperature, regulating water movement (through impermeability of epidermis)
Pyrimidines Of DNA Include: Thymine and Cytosine
The 7-methylguanosine Cap (5' cap) Is A Characteristic Of: mRNA
Encouraging Participants Of A Study Through A Series Of Incentives And Rewards In Response To Spontaneous Behaviors Is Known As: Operant conditioning
Socialization Is The Process By Which Individuals Are: Taught the expectations of their society
Inhibition Of Serotonergic Fibers Leads To: Decreased release and availability of serotonin
Increasing The Number Of Children For Available Familial Labor Would Be Proportional To: Inclusive fitness
Emotional Support Involves: Listening, affirming, and empathizing with someone's feelings
According To The Empathy-Altruism Theory, Individuals Who Feel Empathy Will Behave Altruistically: Regardless of the personal cost
The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis States That Language One Uses: Influences the individual's thoughts
Nonmaterial Culture Refers To The: Ideas, attitudes, and beliefs of a society rather than the physical objects or insitutions of material culture
The Order Of Transmission Of Auditory Stimuli To The Brain Is: Tympanic membrane, ossicles, cochlea, and cranial nerve
The Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Is Responsible For: Regulating circadian rhythms
The Superior Colliculi Assist In: Coordinating eye movement
Mirror Neurons Are Heavily Associated With: Observational learning
The Striate Cortex IS A Term That Is Used Interchangably With The Primary Visual Cortex Which Plays A Sig. Role In: Higher-order processing of visual input
Social Reproduction Refers To Systems That: Preserve social inequity
An Individual Applies An Available Heuristic When He Makes A Decision Based Upon: How easily he can imagine a similar instance
Someone Who Witnesses Behavior Or Social Interaction And Adjusts His Behavior Prior To His Own Experience Is An Ex Of: Social cognitive theory
Created by: SamB91
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