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history midterm

Mrs. Hunter's Global Studies 2 midterm

Renaissance Peroid of European history lasting from about 1300 to 1600 during which renewed intrest in classical culture led to far reaching changes in art and learning
secular concerned with worldly rather than spiritual matters
Patron Supports the arts financially
Perspective An artistic techniquie that creates the appearance of 3 dimensions on a flat surface
Vernacular Everyday language
Humanism A Renaissance intellectual movement in which thinkers studied classical texts and focused on human potential and achievements
Printing Press Revolutionary method of printing papers - faster
John Knox Scottish preacher who followed Calvin's ideas (enjoy God's gifts) and started Presbyterian movement
Jesuits Members of society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic religious order founded by Ignatius of Loyola
Council of Trent Meeting of Roman Catholic leaders, called by Pope Paul III to rule on doctrince criticized by Protestant Reformers
Anglican Church of England
Renaissance Man A Man during the Renaissance who had many talents - could do it all!
Indulgences Pardons releasing a person from punishments of sin
Martin Luther Made the 95 Thesis which began the reformation & Lutheranism
Henry VIII Didn't like Luther's ideas/wanted son/changed religion and became head of church/killed his wives
Devshirme In the Ottoman Empire, a policy of taking boys from conquered Christina people to be trained as Muslim soldiers
Safavid Empire Member of Shi'a Muslim dynasty that built an empire in Persia int he 16th -18th centuries
Suleyman Great leader who made changes in law and set up devshirme system/Ottoman
Jahangir Welcome foreigners/emperor of India/Nicknamed "Grasper of the World" his wife is the real ruler
Aurangzeb Shah Jahan's 3rd son/Killed his brother
Shah Jahan Killed rivals competing for throne/loved his wife and buildings /built the Taj Mahal
Caravel Ship that can sail against the wind
Hongwu Commanded rebel army and drove out mongols/restored China/then became tyrant and died
Prince HEnry Supported exploration/made exploration sailing school
Vasco Da Gama Explorer- Portugese/East African coast to south west India/brought home riches
Bartholomew Diaz Portugese Explorer whose motives were to serve God and His majesty/to give light to those in darkness and to grow rich as all men desire
Christopher Columbus Spaniard found the Americas searching for India
Closed Country Policy In Japan/ basically they didn't have or want contact with the europeans
Zhenghe HE went to other countries and distributed gifts/sailor
Fire arms introduced to Japan Destroyed shoguns power and samurias
Aztec Empire Declies Cortes killed with the help of other tribes and disease
Slavery ownage of a human
New France Canada to mississippi/ know for fur trade/ low population/ owned by france
Joint Stock company a buisness in which the investors pool their wealth for a common purpose then share their profits
Encomienda Slaves for spanish conquerors they were the natives
Absolutism rule that is unrestrained
Glorious Revolution bloodless overthrow of king james II/ replaced by william and mary
Englands govt. Change idk
Edict of Nantes Henry IV said protestants could live peacefully in france (huguenots)
serf midieval peasant bound to stay on lords land
boyars landowning nobles of russia
heleocentric, geocentric theory the earth and other planets revolve around the sun
Scientific Method n. a logical procedure for gathering information about the natural world, in which experimentationand observation are used to test hypotheses.
Philosophes one of a group of social thinkers in France during the Enlightenment
Declaration of Independance a statement of the reasons for the American colonies’ break with Britian,approved by the Second Continental Congress in 1776.
Ivan the terrible Russain leader who had good and then bad period killled lots of people including his own son
Louis XIV made france super power and #1 in art and literature, good military leader, but..., was in constant war plus versailles, high taxes, you name it
Peter the Great westerized russia and named St. Petersburg after himself (Swamp city)
Karl Marx inventor of communism
Communism an economic system in which all means of production—land, mines, factories, railroads, and businesses—are owned by the people, private property doesnot exist, and all goods and services are shared equally.
Laissez Faire the idea that government should not interfere with or regulate industries and businesses
Bill of rights first ten ammendmants of contstitution protects the basic rights for france #1 no suspending for parliment, #2 no taxes without parliments consent #3 no penalty for petioning the king about grievances
neoclassical Style utopia, realisic, bright, secular
Scientific Revolution a major change in European thought, starting in the mid-1500s, in which the studyof the natural world began to be characterized by carefulobservation and the questioning of accepted beliefs.
Scientific Revlution inventors Bacon-scientific method Galileo- heliocentric theoryKepler- laws of planetary motionJanssen-microscopeCopernicus- heliocentric theoryNewton-gravityleewonhok, boyle, fareheit..
nationalism loyalty to country
liberals, conservatives, radicals middleclass men wanted to give power to elected parlaments/ weathly wanted to preserve the monarchy/ those who favored democracy
Romantisism 19th century idea valued emotion over reason
impressionism non-realistic veiw in art (impression based)
industrial revolution 18th century england started using machines rather than humans
Urbanization growth of cities with people migrating to them
stock buying and sharing part of a company
Capitalism business based on private ownership and investment of money on buisness ventures to make money
socailism an economic system in which the factors ofproduction are owned by the public and operate for thewelfare of all
Restoration the period ofCharles II’s rule over England, after the collapse of OliverCromwell’s government.
Adam Smith three laws:law of self intrest, law of supply and demand, law of compitition
Louis XVI horrible ruler of France bastile, ran away, hung
Napoleon crowned himself emperor, sold lousiana purchase, improved france, spread land but eventually lost
reign of terror the period, from mid-1793 tomid-1794, when Maximilien Robespierre ruled Francenearly as a dictator and thousands of political figures andordinary citizens were executed.
French revolution time in which french government underwent much change
french estates 1st clergy, 2nd nobles, 98% in common third (everyone else)
Latin independence movement latin american countries gained independance
Agricultural revolution time of agricultural growth, crop rotation and new ways to grow things/ plow (I believe this is right im not sure sry.)
catherine the great russain, wanted religous freedoms, no torture, however didnt help serfs/ she also expanded the country
Phillip II of Spain shy and religious, disliked protestants and attacked elizebeth I but lost
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