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US Government Ch.6-7

vocab for Ch. 6 and Ch. 7

the ______ occurs when a strong candidate running for an office at the top of a ballot helps attract voters to other candidates on the party's ticket coattail effect
In the ______, the two top vote getters in a direct primary face on another, with the winner receiving the nomination. runoff primary
a ______ is where voters who live in a particular precinct actually go to vote. polling place
a ______ is a party nominating election in which only declared party members are allowed to vote. closed primary
a(n) ______ is the naming of a candidate who will seek election for a public office. nomination
The ______ is a party nomination election in which any qualified voter can participate. open primary
A ______ is a special interest group that seeks to influence elections and affect public policy decisions. political action committee
Elections in which candidates are not identified by party labels are known as ______. nonpartisan election
a person's ability to read or write, is no longer used to qualify voters. literacy
Dividing electoral districts to limit the voting strength of a particular group is known as ______. gerrymandering
is the term regularly used to describe those people who have no specific major party affiliation. independent
People who do not believe their actions can affect politics have no sense of ______. political efficacy
In the United States, the ______, or the potential voting population, is made up of nearly 200 million people. electorate
The voting rights act of 1965 declared that no new election laws could be enacted in any State without ______ from the Department of Justice. preclearance
______ is the practice of voting for candidates of more than one party in any on election. split-ticket voting
People who are strongly loyal to a given party have strong ______. party identification
Persons living in a State for a short period of time are sometimes called______. transients
The right to vote is known as suffrage, or ______. franchise
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