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Stuff To Not Fuck Up On Again From Practice Test 7

A Reaction Between Two Amino Acids Will Most Likely Result In The Formation of: A peptide bond
The Titration Of The Methyl Ester Of Phenylalanine Would Produce Only One Equivalence Point Because: It only has one ionizable group (the primary amine)
In An Electrochemical Cell, Oxidation Occurs At The: Anode
In An Electrochemical Cell, Reduction Occurs At The: Cathode
A Protein Fragment With An Isoelectric Point Above 7 When Placed In A Buffer Of pH 4 Will Be Positively Charged And Migrate To The: Negatively charged electrode aka the Cathode
An Enzyme That Specifically Cuts The N-terminal End Of An Amino Acid Will Not Cut The N-terminal End Of Glutamic Acid Because: It possesses a carboxyl or acidic side chain
As Electrons Fall From A Higher To A Lower Energy State, Energy: Is released
Beta- Decay is A Spontaneous Process That Results In The Conversion Of A Neutron Into: A proton and the emission of an electron from the nucleus and a neutrino from the nucleus
The Mass Number Of An Element Represents Its Number Of: Protons and neutrons
In The Absence Of A Permanent Support At One End AKA In Solid-Phase Synthesis, Amino Acids Could: Be added to either terminus
Calcium Fluoride Is Highly: Insoluble and therefore precipitates in the body which results in lower serum calcium
Emitted Light Has A Lower Energy Than: The energy of the absorbed light
Diffraction Is Affected By Wavelength Because Light With Longer Wavelengths Diffracts: More than light with shorter wavelengths
The Resolution Of A Fluorescence Microscope Cannot Be Improved By: Increasing the size of the aperture of the ocular lens
A Complex With Six Bonds Has: Octahedral geometry
Glutamine And Histidine Are: Hydrophilic
Valine, Phenylalanine, And Alanine Are: Hydrophobic
A Lactone Ring Is The Result Of The Condensation of An Alcohol Group And: A carboxylic acid group (-COOH) in the same molecule aka a cyclic ester
HInd Is A: Weak acid
Ka Values ARe Larger For: Strong acids
The Stronger The Acid, The Weaker: Its conjugate base will be
OH Produces A Broad IR Peak In: The 3300 cm-1 region
The Wavelength Of Yellow Light Is: Longer than green's wavelength
If A Person Who Is Submerged Decelerates While Descending In A Pool: Kinetic energy was dissipated via drag which opposed the motion
The Heart Exerts No Force On The Blood During: Diastole
At Room Temperature, Urea And Water Are: Liquids
At Room Temperature, Glucose And Lactose Are: Solids
The F Subshell Holds A Maximum Number Of: 14 electrons
The P Subshell Holds A Maximum Number Of: 6 electrons
Hypermethylation Is Associated With: Gene inactivation
The Conversion Of Pyruvate To Lactate Is Fermentation That Occurs In: Most eukaryotic cells under anaerobic conditions in the cytoplasm
If A tRNA Molecule Has Its Function Disrupted, Then All Proteins That Require It: Will be compromised
Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) Is A: Circular loop of double-stranded DNA with no nuclear structure surrounding it, and no histones with which to complex
The Type Of Reaction That Characterizes The Biochemical Formation of Peptide Bonds Is: A Condensation reaction
Myasthenia gravis (MG) Is Considered To Be A: Disease of the Peripheral Nervous System
Adherens Junctions Connect Cells To One Another through: A series of connected proteins that coordinator to form an intracellular domain
Desmosomes Connect Cells To One Another through: A series of connected proteins that coordinator to form an extracellular domain
The Intracellular Domain Coordinates With The: Cells' Cytoskeleton
The Extracellular Domain Coordinates With A Neighboring Cell's: Extracellular domain
The Mechanism Of Induction In A Prokaryote Involves A Repressor Protein: That binds to prokaryotic DNA
Galactose Only Differs From Glucose In The Absolute Config Of C-4 Atom, Which Makes Them: Epimers
Eukaryotic Gene Control Differs From Prokaryotic Control In That The Binding Of RNA Polymerase Is: Dependent on the presence of specific DNA interactions
Opiates Decrease: Intestinal peristalsis
The Stage Of Embryonic Development That Consists Of A Hollow Ball Of Cells That Surroudn A Fluid-Filled Center Is: The Blastula
The Antibody Binding Site Of An Antibody Is Determined By: The antibody's three-dimensional structure
The Extracellular Domain Of A G-Protein-Coupled Receptor Would Most Likely Interact With: Threonine
An Important Characteristic Of A Competitive Inhibitor Is Its Resemblence To: The actual substrate
An mRNA Has A Nucleotide Sequence That Must Be Complementary: To its related DNA sequence
Reverse Transcription, A Process That Utilizes The Enzyme Reverse Transcriptase, Is Carried Out By: Retroviruses
The Polyadenylic Acid Tail (Poly-A Tail) Is Unique To: mRNA
Both RNA And DNA Use: A four-nucleotide code, have a negatively charged phosphodiester bond, and have pentose sugars
A Frameshift Mutation Would Ruin the Results Of A: DNA Microarray because the subsequence cDNA would not hybridize with the gene on the microarray very well
Competitive Inhibition Is Marked By A Decrease: In the KM, but no change in the VMax of the enzyme
For A Disease To Be Dominant, One Or Both Of The Parents Must: Have the disease
The Lymphatic System Does Not Drain Excess Fluid From: The Central Nervous System, superficial areas of teh skin, deeper peripheral nerves, or bone
An Instance In Which An Individual Is Given Contradictory Reasons For A Situation Is Considered To Result In: Cognitive dissonance
If A Test Is Based On A Hit Or False Alarm Type Of Measurement, Then It Is Based On: Signal detection theory
The Basal Ganglia Plays An Important Role In: Controlling motor movement
The Idea Of Self-Monitoring One's Response Is Called: Impression management
The Visual Acuity Necessary For Reading Comes From The High Density Of: Cones present in the Fovea
The Fovea Is: The center of the macular of the retina
A Counselor Concerned With A Teenager's Ability To Establish What She Is Capable Of Achieving Or How She Is Perceived By Others Is Trying To Determine: Which of Erikson's stages the teenager is experiencing
Conflict Theory States That Power Differentials Exist Between: Social classes and these differences breed interclass competition
Non-maleficence Is The Tenet That Stresses: "Do no harm" above all else
The Idea Of Paternalism In Health Care Centers Arounds The Concept That: Doctors know best
If A Third Group Models Their Behavior Off Of the Behavior Of Another Individual Who Received Positive Feedback In A Social Situation, Then This Is An Ex Of: Social cognitive theory
A Desire For Conformity That Results In A Group Of People Coming To An Ill-Informed Decision Is: Groupthink
The Cannon-Bard Theory Of Emotion Posits That Emotional Responses Are: Independent responses
The Iris Is Responsible For Controlling The Size Of: The pupil based upon sympathetic or parasympathetic activation
The Duplicity Theory Of Vision Refers To The Retina Containing: Two types of photoreceptors, rods and cones
Eysenck's PEN Model Is A Trait Theory That States That Biology Plays A Part In Determining: How individuals respond to varying intensities of stimuli
Created by: SamB91
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