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MCAT PT 6 Chem Phys

Practice from Chem / Phys topics of PT 6

Coenzyme: Non-protein molecules required by an enzyme in order to function
Focal Length Of The Relaxed Eye Is: The distance from the lens to the retina
If pH > pKA: there must be more: Base than acid
Ksp will not change if: Temperature doesn't change
If An Inhibitor Causes A Km To Stay The Same, But Lowers The Vmax, It Is Considered To Be: A non-competitive inhibitor
A Competitive Inhibitor Will Not Change VMax But Increase: The km of an enzyme
Lysine And Arginine Are: Positive at biological conditions
Serine And Threonine Are Nucleophilic And: Negatively charged
Methionine And Proline Are Hydrophobic And: Have no charge
In Order To Interact With DNA Polymerase Holoenzyme That Interacts With The Negatively Charged Phosphate Sugar Backbone, You Need To Use A Cofactor That Is: Positively charged, like Zn+
The General Equation To Use For Flow Of Fluids Is: V = IR
Destructive Interference Occurs When: Two waves meet out of phase, or when the peak of one meets the trough of the other
Destructive Interference Will Occur When The Path Length Between Two Interfering Waves Is: A half-integer multiple of the wavelength
Frequency, f = c / λ, where c = 3.0 x 10^8 m/s
Buffers Are Solutions That Contain: A weak acid and its conjugate base
Buffers Are Effective When The pH Of The Solution Is Within: One pH unit of the pKa of the acid
A Buffer Is Most Effective When There Are Equal Amounts Of: Acid and its conjugate base, aka when pH = pKa
A Reaction With A Greater Reduction Potential Is: More favorable
Created by: SamB91