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Lesson 2

Info Literacy

Fair Use The right to reuse copyrighted material without having to gain permission from copyright owner
Various Forms of Fair Use Criticism, Remix, News Reporting, Research, and Teaching
Fair Use Challenges If the copyright owner feels that their work is being misused, they may take the user to court. A US judge will then use the four factors to make a decision.
Four Factors of Fair Use Purpose, Nature, Amount Used, Effect on Owner
Motion Media Limitation Up to 10% or 3 minutes
Text Material Limitation Up to 10% or 1000 words
Music, Lyrics, Music Video Limitation Up to 10% or 30 seconds
Illustrations and Photographs (single artist/photographer) Up to 10% or 5 images
Illustrations and Photographs (published collective work) Up to 10% or 15 images
Public Domain Any work (music, art, or text) that is not copyrighted; free to use
Public Domain Divisions writings, music, art, photography, architecture, maps, choreography, movies, video, software, databases, collections
Creative Commons a non-profit organization that allows people to share works without companies selling them
Reasons for Using Creative Commons people can use your work but must give you credit, prevent commercial use, let people modify your work but release it own same terms, and prevent modification without permission
Open Access literature that is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions.
Two Types of Open Access Sharing Open access journals, and open access archives
CC License states you own the copyright, but are allowing people to use it
What Attribute Photos Include The author, title of work, cc license type, an copyright notices
Intellectual Property creation of the mind
Plagiarism act of misrepresenting the ownership of a piece of IP
Copyright exclusive rights to the owner of a a piece of intellectual property to print, publish, perform, and to authorize others to do the same
IP Options Without Fair Use Create own content, hire someone to create IP, illegally use IP, contact copyright owner for permission, look for public domain IP, creative commons licensed IP
What Copyright Does Not Protect US government, theorem, data, ideas, titles of books/movies
When Work Enters Pubic Domian the copyright expired (1923), failure to renew (1964), copyright owner dedicates work to public domain (dedication),
Citation of Sources you can use someone else's work to support your own
Google Books won a monumental court decision after scanning a myriad of books without seeking permission from owners
Created by: EthanParsley55
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