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European History (1)

Russian Revolution 1917, Treaty of Versailles, Rise of Dictators

Why did the people of Russia revolt against the czar? The people were angry with the czar. He did not take care of their needs. Unequal distribution of poor (80% peasants)-lived in poverty and the military suffered embarrassing defeats. They were angry that the czar was not able to provide for their needs.
Who was Russia's last czar? Czar Nicholas II
What were the impacts of the Russian Revolution? The Czar was abdicated (eventually he was killed). Russia pulled out of WWI early. Lenin and the Bolsheviks take over the country. Russia becomes the Soviet Union, a communist country.
How did Lenin gain support from the Russian people? He offered the people a better life. "Peace, Land, Bread and All Power to the Soviets". If the people supported him, he would pull Russia out of WWI, give them land to work and provide them with food to eat.
How did the Treaty of Versailles impact Germany? Germany was not allowed to rebuild their army, they lost territory, and had to pay reparations (money) to the allied forces for war damages. They had to take blame for starting the war.
How did Germans feel about the Treaty of Versailles? They were furious. They felt that their government had betrayed them by signing the document.
What was Europe like after WWI? Destroyed and Depressed - There were terrible conditions - both physically and emotionally
How was Hitler able to gain control of Germany? By promising to rebuild the country and creating a better life for the people
How did the people's lives change after Hitler took power over their country? The country began to rebuild and became stronger. However, people lost rights and freedoms. Any opposition to the new leadership was punished. Punishment could include - death.
How did Hitler take over in Germany? Hitler used the Depression to gain power. He offered the citizens a better life, played on their hatred of the Treaty of Versailles, and their unhappiness of the current government. Hitler was voted into a position of power before he took total control.
What is fascism? A political movement that promotes extreme nationalism, imperialism, dictatorial government, denial of individual rights, and is a one party system.
How did Hitler use propaganda ? It was used to publicize a scapegoat for Germany's problems-the Jews. His propaganda also focused on the hatred of the Treaty of Versailles and making Germany strong again. Due to Germany's situation being severe, Hitler was able to gain much support.
What is anti-Semitism? Hostility to or prejudice against Jews.
Created by: smmhr5
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