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A2 Cohesion

Cohesion group formation and group productivity

How to develop cohesion •Practice drills to ensure all understand the tactics •Give individuals specific responsibility and set goals •Explain specific roles •Give feedback •Vary practice to maintain motivation •Improve fitness levels
How to reduce social loafing •Giving players specific responsibilities •Giving feedback •Using video analysis •Setting challenging but realistic targets •Vary practice to maintain motivation •Develop higher levels of fitness •Highlight individual’s role with the team
What is Group productivity The effectiveness of a group when completing a task Actual productivity = Potential productivity – losses due to faulty processes:
What are Coordination loses Such as team work and communication, more problematic in interactive sports (Ringlemann effect
What are motivational losses , leading to less effort ,concentration, not being valued leading to Social loafing
What is Social cohesion The ability of the group to relate well to each other and enjoy socialising together Social cohesion is not vital for group success-task cohesion is more important than social cohesion
What is Task cohesion the ability of the group to achieve a common goal Players need to be able to interact effectively through good communication Understand own role that of other’s leading to good co-ordination Poor cohesion can be classed as a faulty process
What is Social loafing Individuals put in less than 100% effort due to lack of motivation
What is the Ringleman effect The diminishing contribution of each individual as group size increases
What is Cohesion A tendency of a group to stay together to achieve their a task-depends on group members/task/leader/team based factors
Name Carrons antecedents Environmental/situational Member characteristics Leadership style Team elements
Stages of Group formation Forming Storming Norming Performing
What defines a group Collective identity Shared values task cohesion social cohesion
Created by: Tina Dean