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APUSH Chapter 2

APUSH The Planting of English America Chapter 2 Vocabulary Cards

Nationalism Fervent belief and loyalty devoted to the political unit of the nation-state.
Primogeniture Legal principle that the oldest son inherits all family property or land. Landowner's younger sons, forced to seek their fortunes elsewhere, pioneered early exploration and settlement of the Americas.
Joint-Stock Company Short-term partnership between multiple investors to fund a commercial enterprise;such arrangements were used to fund England's early colonial ventures.
Charter Legal document granted by a government to some group or agency to implement a stated purpose,and spelling out the attending rights and obligations. British colonial charters guaranteed inhabitants all the rights of Englishmen, which helped solidify ties-B
Census An official count of population, often also including other information about the population.
Feudal Concerning the decentralized medieval social system of personal obligations between rulers and ruled.
Indentured Servants Migrants who, in exchange for transatlantic passage, bound themselves to a colonial employer for a term of service, typically between four and seven years. Their migration addressed the chronic labor shortage in the colonies and facilitated settlement.
Toleration Originally, religious freedom granted by an established church to a religious minority.
Squatter A frontier farmer who illegally occupied land owned by others not yet officially open for settlement. Many of North Carolina's early settlers were squatters, who contributed to the colony's reputation as being more independent minded and "democratic"
Buffer In politics, a territory between two antagonistic powers, intended to minimize the possibility of conflict between them. In British North America, Georgia was established as a buffer colony between British and Spanish territory.
Melting Pot Popular American term for an ethnically diverse population that is presumed to be "melting" toward some eventual commonality.
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