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APUSH Chapter 1

APUSH New World Beginnings Chapter 1 Vocabulary Cards

Nation-State The form of political society that traditionally combines centralized government with a high degree of ethnic and cultural unity.
Confederacy An alliance or league of nations or peoples looser than a federation.
Matrilinear The form of society in which family line, power, and wealth are passed primarily through the female side.
Primeval Concerning the earliest origin of things;of ancient age
Saga A lengthy story or poem recounting the great deeds and adventures of a people and their heroes.
Middlemen In trading systems , those dealers who operate between the original producers of goods and the retail merchants who sell to customers.
Caravel Small, regular vessel with a high deck and three triangular sails. Caravels could sail more closely into the wind, allowing European sailors to explore the Western shores of Africa, previously made inaccessible due to prevailing winds on homeward journey
Plantation(s) Large-scale agricultural enterprise growing commercial crops, usually employing coerced or slave labor. European settlers established plantations in Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and the American South.
Ecosystems A naturally evolved network of relations among organisms in a stable environment.
Demographic Concerning the general characteristics of a given population, including such factors as numbers, age, gender, birth and death rates, and so on.
Conquistadores Sixteenth-century Spanish military adventurers who fanned out across the Americas, from Colorado to Argentina , and eventually conquered the Aztec and Incan empires.
Capitalism Economic system characterized by private property, generally free trade, and open and accessible markets. European colonization of the Americas, and in particular, the discovery of vast bullion deposits, helped bring about Europe's transition to capital.
Encomienda Spanish government's policy to "commend" or give, Indians to certain colonists in return for the promise to Christianize them. Part of a broader Spanish effort to subdue Indian tribes in the West Indies and on the North American mainland.
Mestizos People of mixed Indian and European heritage, notably in Mexico.
Province A medium-sized subunit of territory and governmental administration within a larger nation or empire.
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