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A2 selfefficacy

A2 AQA self efficacy

Self-efficacy a person’s belief that they have the necessary ability in specific situation
Vicarious experience Watching others of similar standard successfully perform a skill Use of visualisation/imagery/imagining doing it yourself/mental rehearsal
Verbal persuasion Encouragement from significant others Encouragement/positive feedback/reinforcement from coach/assistants Goal setting/targets Use of performance goals
Performance accomplishmensts Previous success at the task Provide opportunities for player to experience success
Emotional arousal interpreting arousal in a positive way; Help performer interpret their arousal in a positive
Self-efficacy components Performance accomplishments (Previous success) Vicarious experiences (watching others being successful) Verbal persuasion (encouragement) Emotional arousal (interpretation of own levels of arousal)
How does high self-efficacy help a performer to produce better performances Increases positive attitude • Increases motivation • Reduces fear of failure (Naf)/increases nach • Reduces anxiety • Enhances feeling of well-being
How to develop self efficacy experience success Observing others succeed (of similar ability) Goal setting Use of performance goals Use attributes correctly mental rehearsal Provide opportunities for player success Organise successful events Watching successful performances
Created by: Tina Dean