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Social Studies Q 3

Stack for third social studies quiz of 2015

Stephen Austin Started American settlement in Texas in 1821 with 300 families
Wagon Trains It wasn’t safe to travel alone because Natives were apt to attack small parties and with enough wagons you could even make a fort each night. You wouldn't get very far at all unless you joined with 50-100 others, so they traveled in groups
Mormons Left Illinois and to Utah led by Bringham Young took the Mormon Trail and built their own roads and bridges. They even planted seeds so the next group of Mormons could harvest the crops for food. Practiced polygamy (having more than one wife).
Texans Americans who moved southwest to Mexico, were really Mexican citizens but saw themselves as Americans, they also brought slaves with them
Sam Houston The next leader of the Texan army after William B. Travis and James Bowie, a veteran of the War of 1812, the governor of Tennessee, and an Indian trader
The “gag rule” Banned abolitionist papers and petitions, forbade talking about slavery in congress. Was passed bc the gov't was recieving a flood of abolitionist petitions so they just banned them and no work would get done with slavery arguments
The Alamo A missionary fortified by Texans from the massive Mexican army. Although it was a loss, it fired up Texans with the battle cry, “REMEMBER THE ALAMO!”
William Becknell Took trading expedition to New Mexico, and when he got there he found a friendly reception. He had gone West to trade with the Indians and later on put on a large expedition of wagons for trade in Santa Fe
Jacob Astor Set up the first permanent settlement in Oregon, and he and his men built Astoria on the Columbia river in 1811 which he had to sell to British during the War of 1812
Sutter’s Fort in CA James Marshall, a carpenter working for Sutter there, discovered gold and people from around the country came seeking fortune (gold rush)
What each family received under Austin's grant, AND what they had to give in return Each family received one labor of land (177 acres) for farming and one league (428 acres) for stock grazing and in return they were expected to become roman catholics and pay twelve-and-a-half cents per acre to Austin for his services
Why Washington DC had to pay attention to the distant "republic" of Oregon By 1845 there were about 5,500 settlers and so they could no longer ignore the republic. There was an opportunity to earn money, so more people paid attention to it. There were reports of fertile land and the fur-trade was dying out.
The type of "government" that existed on wagon train trips west They made rules for health and safety, appointed commanders and judges, selected juries, punished criminals, arranged marriages, and performed funerals.
Why the Mormons left Illinois Their neighbors believed strange stories about them and persecuted them. Their leader, Joseph Smith was even killed by an Illinois mob that hated their people.
What complaints Americans had as Mexican citizens in Texas No Bill of Rights/ American Constitution, no trial by jury, no slavery allowed (Most came from the South)
The issues that drove Texans to declare their independence from Mexico in 1836 Mexico outlawed slavery, had high Taxes, and had military outposts, similar to quartering
How Texas got its independence The Texans (lead by Houston) captured Santa Anna, during the Battle of San Jacinto (April 21), and forced Mexico to recognize Texas' independence through a treaty.
What the Texas Constitution stated about slavery It stated that the government could not interfere with slavery
What Northerners feared about Texas Since Texas was so large, they did not know how many slave states it would bring if it was divided, they feared the imbalance of slave/free states in Congress
John Quincy Adams' argument that got the "gag rule" repealed in Congress He said that it “Directly ignored the freedom of speech in the Constitution” and “Was dangerous not to talk about”
Created by: lopiegabby
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