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A2 Epoc, OBLA, VO2

A2 AQA Epoc fatigue obla and vo2max

Definition of VO2max? “The maximum volume of oxygen that can be utilised or consumed by the working muscles per minute”
What type of activity will benefit from a high VO2 max? Endurance event
Vo2 max dependes on two factors what are they Effective oxygen delivery Aerobic friendly structure
Name two tests for VO2 max? Multi stage fitness Cooper 12 min run
Name 3 physiological factors that contribute to a high VO2 max High number of slow twitch fibres High capillary density High number of mitochondria High blood volume & haemoglobin content
Factors that affect VO2 max Age, gender,lifestyle, training,physiology, genetics, body composition
What is OBLA Onset of blood lactate accumulation
At what level is OBLA said to occur? When blood lactate levels exceed 4mmol per litre of blood
Why does OBLA occur? Because of an increase in exercise intensity & lactate production
How much is the normal level of blood lactate when not exercising? 1-2mmol per litre of blood
OBLA is measured as a percentage of what? VO2max
OBLA depends on what? Aerobic fitness of athlete a highly trained individual can work at 85% of V02 max
How can you increase your OBLA level? Through training relevant energy and muscle fibres and buffering
How much can our VO2 max be improved through training? Up to 10-20% through aerobic training
Why does VO2 max increase through aerobic training? Increase in max CO / increased SV, ejection fraction, cardiac hypertrophy / increased blood vol / increased myoglobin / increased no. & size of mitochondria
How can one person be fitter than another if they have the same VO2max? If they have a higher OBLA level i.e. 75% of Vo2 max compared to 55%. They would be able to work at a higher intensity for longer
What does EPOC stand for? Excess post exercise oxygen consumption
What are the two stages? Fast replenishment and slow replenishment
Name three causes of fatigue during exercise? Reduced rate of ATP resynthesis/Dehydration/Glycogen depletion/Reduced levels of calcium/accumulation of H+ions/reduced levels of acetylcholine
What happens during the slow replenishment stage? Removal of lactic acid / maintenance of heart rate and respiratory rate /replenishment of glycogen stores / elevated body temp
What is an oxygen deficit? The volume of oxygen required to complete the exercise aerobically
How long is the fast replenishment stage? Usually complete within 2-3 minutes
What is recovery? The return of the body to its pre exercise state.
When can you recover from exercise? The return of the body to its pre exercise state.
How long can the slow replenishment stage last? Up to two hours
What happens during the fast replenishment stage? Re-saturation of myoglobin and resynthesis of ATP PCr
When can you recover from exercise? When there is sufficient oxygen available
Created by: Tina Dean
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