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Unit 8 Vocabulary

Civil War & Reconstruction

plantation a large farm, especially in the southern United States, that usually grows one kind of crop
Union the Northern states that remained part of the nation and fought against the Confederacy
states' rights the right of each U.S. state to makes its own local laws
Underground Railroad a series of secret routes out of the South along which escaped slaves traveled to freedom
abolitionist a person who works to end or get rid of something, especially slavery
secession the separation of a state from a nation
Confederacy together, the Southern states that left the United States and formed their own nation
blockade a barrier of troops or ships to keep people and supplies from moving in and out of an area
emancipation the freeing of a group from slavery
Juneteenth the celebration of the day when enslaved African Americans were freed during the Civil War
total war a method of warfare that seeks to destroy civilian as well as military targets to force a surrender
assassinate to murder someone famous or powerful, usually for political reasons
Reconstruction the period when laws were passed that sought to rebuild and heal the northern and southern regions of the United States after the Civil War
amendment a change or improvement
impeachment the process of charging a high public official, such as the President, with a crime
segregation the division of groups of people by race
black codes a group of laws passed in the late 1800s that denied African American men the right to vote, own guns, or take certain jobs
sharecropping a system in which someone who owns land lets someone else “rent” the land to farm it
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