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New Nation- West Exp

One major reason historians consider George Washington a great president is that he created precedents
A major reason President Jefferson supported buying the Louisiana Territory was because the purchase gave the U.S. control of Mississippi River
The Louisiana Purchase was important to the growth of the U.S. because it did this to the size of our country doubled
President Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark into the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase primarily to explore and map the region
The case Marbury v. Madison was a landmark Supreme Court decision because it allowed the Supreme Court to declare laws unconstitutional
Before 1820, most factories and mills in the United States were powered by water
An increase in the number of factories in the mid-1800's led to an increase in city population
In 1825, New York City was connected to the Great Lakes by the opening of the Erie Canal
This action toward Native American Indians was taken by the U.S. government between 1820 and 1840 Indian Removal
¨The Cherokees are nearly all prisoners. They have been dragged from their homes and encamped at the forts and military places, all over the nation.¨ This quotation from an eyewitness on the Trail of Tears describes events connected with this law Indian Removal Act
From 1830-1850, railroads became a more popular method of transportation than canals
During the 1840's the idea of Manifest Destiny was used to support westward expansion
This was a major cause of the War with Mexico Texas Annexation
¨Annexation of Texas" ¨54 40 or fight¨ "From Sea to Shining Sea¨ These slogans from the election of 1844 all support the idea of Manifest Destiny
In 1849, thousands of people were attracted to California to search for gold
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