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AS Memory

AS AQA PE memory

What is the STM (short term memory also known as? The working memory, it receives information from both the LTM and the STSS
What is the STSS (short term sensory store)? Where all the sensory information is received and selective attention occurs
What is the short term memory capacity and how long can information be stored? 5-7 (+ or- 2) 20-30seconds
What happens in the STM? Where the relevant information is received from STSS and to sent and compared with past experiences (LTM) and a decision is made. Information used for problem solving
What is the function of Long Term memory (LTM)? Retains information for long periods of time to enable comparison in order to help decision making- motor programmes stored
How can LTM be improved? Rehearse / Link or associate / Make information meaningful / Make stimuli intense Group/chunk information / Use of imagery
How can STM improved? Verbalising/ visual imagery & repeated practice keeps it circulating / also by “chunking’
How can selective attention be improved? relevant practice / increasing intensity of stimulus / use of language in order to motivate and arouse / use of past experience and direct attention
Explain the roleof the short-term sensory store when performing the skill of passing. Receives information from display/surroundings/ environment/equiv; From sensors/sense organs/egs/equiv. Too much/lots of information; Information is filtered/selective attention; Attended information enters short-term memory
Explain the role long-term memory when performing the skill of passing. Store of past experiences; As Motor programme/schema/plan of action/skills/ passes; Mental image of movement to be performed; Correct
For the effective learning of gymnastic skills, gymnasts need to remember important instructions and use selective attentWhat are the characteristics and functions of short term memory? Information enters from STSS Only selective attended items enter Limited capacity Retrieves information from LTM Limited duration/seconds Working memory Transfers to LTM Effector system from STM
How can a coach ensure that important information is stored in the gymnast’s long term memory? Rehearse Associate with familiar information Make information meaningful Make experience enjoyable Make stimuli contrasting/recognisable/vivid ‘Chunking’ Mental rehearsal
Created by: Tina Dean
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