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SPED 609

This module of co-teaching, one teacher has the primary responsibility of teaching and planning, while the other rotates around the classroom helping students with questions and observing particular behavior. What is this module called? One-Teach One-Assist
Both teachers in this module plan together and teach the same material, but splits the class in half. What is this module called? Parallel Teaching
In this module, one teacher primary responsibility is working with small groups, while the other teacher is teaching to the rest of the students. What is this module called? Alternative Teaching
Inclusion in education is defined as Being apart of the group of affiliation as much as possible.
ways of using technology efficiently and effectively within the classroom for instructional purposes? Instructional Technology
Any type of technology that is used in aid to help the student learn content better and gain a greater understanding of what is being taught is? Assistive Technology
Individualized changes made to the content and performance expectations for students Modification
Ways that students can gain knowledge by changing the environment, format or equipment to allow students to further gain content and complete task Accommodation
Breaking the instruction within areas around the room where both teachers plan and teach, but at different rotating areas is called Station Teaching
In this module both teachers are engage in instruction, both are working collaboratively and are used for planning and teaching the material and the instruction to the classroom. Team Teaching
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