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Stuff To Not Fuck Up On Again From Practice Test 5

Heat Flow Through Direct Contact Is Known As: Conduction
Heat Flow From An Object That Dissipates Into The Atmosphere Is Known As: Convection
At A Constant Pressure, Change In Temperature Is Directly Proportional To A Change In: Volume
Fission Reactions Cannot Be Initiated By Bombarding With Protons Because: The protons would experience repulsion from the positively charged nucleus
Micelles Assist In The Digestion Of Fats By Emulsifying Them So They can Be Absorbed From: The small intestine
The Importance Of Micelles Is That They: Have a hydrophobic core and hydrophillic exterior to assist the absorption of fat
Adding Silver Nitrate To Cl-, I-, or Br- Will Result In Formation Of: AgCl, AgI, or AgBr
A Competitive Inhibitor Can Be Overcome By Adding High Concentrations Of: Substrate
Km Is The Concentration At Which: 1/2 Vmax is reached
Poiseuille Flow Can Be Measured By The Equation: Q = Δpηr⁴ / 8μL
Convection Is The Transfer Of Heat Through: Fluid motion
The Henderson-Hasselbach Equation: pH = pKa + log ([A-]/[HA])
Cyclohexanol And Phenol Both Have One: Hydroxyl group
Having More Possible Resonance Structures Increases The: Acidity of a compound
Phenols Are Acidic So They Are Soluble In: Sodium hydroxide
Alcohols Are Not Acidic And Won't Be Soluble In: Aqueous sodium hydroxide
Very Small Alcohols With Fewer Than Five Carbons Are: Water soluble
A Carboxylic Acid Would Be Expected To Show A Negative Result With Both Tollens' And Chromate Because They Are Both: Oxidizing agents
A Tertiary Alcohol Is A Poor: Reducing agent
When You Want To Separate A Mixture Of Two Compounds That Are In Separate Phases, You Should Use: Extraction
An NMR Spectrum That Shows A Distinct Absorption Peak Split Into 7 Peaks Indicates The Absorption Of An: Isopropyl group
D and L Conventions For Naming Stereoisomers Of Amino Acids Indicate Only: Configuration of groups about the alpha carbon
The D or L Designation For Sugars Does Not Give Any Indication About: Which direction the compound rotates plane-polarized light
R And S Conventions Describe The Configuration Of: Groups Around A Central Atom
If Something Is Blocking The Influx Of Sodium Into Nerve Cells, The Membrane Potential Will: Not change and thus there will no action potential to trigger a change in the membrane potential
Prostaglandins D2 And e@ Have The Same General Formula: C20H3205
The Deacylation Of Aspirin Is A Simple: Ester hydrolysis reaction
Hydrolysis Reactions Require: Water
If Saturated Fatty Acid Tails In A Membrane Are Replaced With Unsaturated Fatty Acids, The Fluidity Should Be Expected To: Increase
The Presence Of The Myelin Sheath Effectively Increases The: Thickness of the lipid bilayer by a factor of 200
Increasing The Distance Between The Plates Of A Capacitor: Decreases the capacitance
Sodium And Potassium Are Both Group I Metals So They Are Expected To have Very Similar: Valence electron configurations and similar effective nuclear charge
The Second Ionization Energy Of Sodium Is Likely To Be Much, Much Larger Than The: First ionization energy since the electron is removed from a full subshell
A β-hydroxyl ketone is a: Ketone (RCOR') with an -OH group attached to a β-carbon
At A pH Higher Than The Isoelectric Point, The Ammonium Cations Lose: Hydrogens and therefore the molecule is negatively charged
At A pH Below The Isoelectric Point, The Carboxylate Anions Are: Hydrogenated and the molecule is positively charged
At pH's Above Their Isoelectric Points: Molecules Migrate Toward The Anode
While At pH's Below Their Isoelectric Points: Molecules migrate towards the cathode
Amino Acids Can Be Easily Separated By: Placing them in a solution with a pH equal to the isoelectric point of one of the amino acids, and subjecting them to an electric field
In An Electric Field, The Amino Acid Whose Isoelectric Point Is Equal To The pH Will: Not move
In An Electric Field, The Amino Acid Whose Isoelectric Point Is Not Equal To The pH Will Migrate to the anode or cathode
Folic Acid Contains The Following Functional Groups: Amine (N-H or NH2), Amide (HN-C=O), Carboxylic Acid (COOH), and Imine (C=N)
If A Compound Is Generally Eager To Deprotonate, It Is Relatively A: Strong acid
An Ancestor For A Phylogenetic Tree For An Organism Is One That Diverted: Prior to the branch point for their common ancestor
Human Bones Contain Bone Marrow Involved In: Blood production
Bone Is Built By: Osteoblasts
Lipids Are Broken Down With An Approx. Value Of: 9 kilocalories per gram
Carbohydrates And Proteins Yield: 4 kcal/g
Ethanol Yields: 7 kcal/g
Myosin Is The: Primary motor protein in muscle cells
Troponin Is A Chaperone Of Actin Whose Activity Is Modulated By: Calcium
Cytochrome C, Ubiquinone, and FADH2 Are All Part Of: The Electron Transport Chain
Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Requires That There Should Be No: Selection against a disease
If A Mitochondrion Lacked Functional tRNA, It Would Be Unable To: Continue protein synthesis normally
The Mitochondrion Only Has One tRNA For: Lysine
Cytochrome P450 Is A Molecule Found In Liver Tissue That Is Used In: Oxidative Detoxification of many medications
The Reason That The Entire Sperm Cell Is Absorbed Into The Ovum, But Sperm mtDNA Is Not Found In Fetal Mitochondria: Mitochondria are targeted and destroyed by maternal organelles, destroying sperm mtDNA
Prions Are Misfolded Proteins That Do Not Contain: Nucleic acids
In Order For A Compound To Not Convert To A Alternate Structured Form During Gel Electrophoresis, You Should Use An: Aqueous solvent
Heart Rhythm Is Regulated By What Nervous System?: Peripheral nervous system
To Force Contraction Of One Muscle, We Want To Prevent The Contraction Of The Muscle: That opposes it
Two Proteins That Have The Same Primary Structure Should Have Identical: Translations
Pathogens Induce Responses By Conferring: Active immunity
Vaccines Induce Responses By Conferring: Active immunity
Immune Cells That Are Responsible For the Production Of Antibodies And Proliferate To Form Memory B Cells Are: Lymphocytes
T Lymphocytes Are Responsible For: Cell-mediated Immunity
Passive Immunity Is Caused By Administration Or Consumption Of: Exogenous antibodies
Necrosis Is A Disordered Healing Mechanism Of: Unplanned cell death
Blister Formation Is A Naturally Occurring Process And Should Not: Involve necrosis
Promoters Are: Regulatory DNA sequences that are upstream of genes
Promoters Possess Their Regulatory Function Because: They bind to RNA Polymerase and regulate transcription
A Loss A The Ampicillin Resistance Gene In A Plasmid Would Most Likely: Kill the cell
Lactose Is A: Dissaccharide consisting of galactose and glucose monomers
In Order For Lactose To Be Metabolized: It must be cleaved and then galactose must be converted to glucose
Cells Do Not Require Lactose, As All The Catabolic Processes: Are based on monosaccharides
Isomerization Reactiosn Generally Require: Little energy
Lactose Is Cleaved To Form: Glucose
Since Embryos Do Not Expand In The Initial Stages Of Cleavage, The G1 And G2 Phases Of The Cell Cycle Are: Much shorter than in adults
Induction Is A Function Of: Cell signalling and occurs around organizers
Induction Chemicals Are Released And Promote Induction Through: Receptor pathways and second messengers
The PI Of An Amino Acid Is The pH At Which It Is: Electrically neutral
For Amino Acids With Acidic Side Chains, The PI Equals The Average Of The pKA For The: Main chain carboxyl group and the pKa of the side chain Main chain carboxyl group and the pKa of the side chain
In Order To Read An Electrophoresis Gel From 5' to 3: Read from the bottom to the top of the gel
What Is Required For Fibroblasts To Differentiated Into Epidermal Cells: Keratinocyte growth factor
The ETC Can Be Halted By A Buildup Of: ydrogen ions across the inner mitochondrial membrane Hydrogen ions across the inner mitochondrial membrane
ATP Synthase Tends To Decrease: The proton gradient, so it would promote the ETC
Lipids Are Used For: Structural support and signaling
Connective Tissue Produces: An elastic matrix
Contracitility And Excitability Are Properties Of: Muscle tissue and some neural tissue
Digestive Enzymes Are Stored In The: Lysosome
The Activity Of An Individual Enzyme Is Independent Of: The Number Of Enzyme Molecules
High Levels Of Intracellular Calcium Would Tend To: Increase contraction strength
Muscle Cells In Myasthenia Gravis Patients Would Consume: Less ATP since they are contracting less often
Irreversible Inhibition Requires Strong Covalent Bonds Such As: Disulfide bridges
Hydrophobic Interactions Are Relatively: Weak, and are rarely irreversible
Hydrogen Bonding Is Relatively: Strong, but it is rarely irreversible
Phenotype Is The: Outward manifestation of a gene
14 C (Radioactive Carbon) Decays Into: Nitrogen, which tends to increase the rate of mutation
Deamination Of Adenine Gives: Hypoxanthine which pairs with C rather than T
The Enol Form Of Thymine Pairs With: G rather than A
A Steroid Nucleus Consists Of A: Four ringed structure
G Protein-Coupled Receptors Are Also Known As: Seven-transmembrane receptors
The Small Empty Spaces Found In Mature Bone As A Result Of Cell Death In Cavities That Lack Blood Supply And Nerves Are Called: Lacunae
Dense Bone Is A General Term For The: External layers of most bones
Osteoclasts Are Responsible For: Breaking down bone, and form spaces larger than lacunae
Limb Regeneration Is An Extreme: Metabolic drain on organisms in which an organism must sacrifice growth to promote healing and regeneration
In Order To regenerate Limbs, Organisms Need: Pluripotent cells
Cells That Line The Periphery Of The Embryo, Originate From The Trophoblast, And Become embedded In The Lining Of The Uterus Go On To Form The: Placenta
Memory That Requires Participants To Remember Images After A Week Is: Long-term memory
Sensory Memory Lasts: At most a second and is important in the filtering and prioritization of all sensory input
Working Memory Is A Combination Of: Sensory, short-term, and long-term memories that a person is actively manipulating to achieve a task
The Cannon-Bard Theory Involved Experiments With The Thalamus And Hypothalamus To Prove: The sensing of and response to emotions occurred simultaneously and separately in different parts of the brain
An Efficient Memory To Increase The Accuracy With Any Measurement Is To: Take multiple measurements and average the results together
When People Limit Their Actions Based On Their Fear Of Other People's Perceptions Of Them Is Referred To As: Impression management
Drive Reduction Theory Postulates That Internal Drives Motivation People So That: They attempt to reduce/eliminate the driving factor
Incentive Theory Argues That Individuals Are Motivated To Action By: External goals such as money
Cognitive Dissonance Postulates That Performing Actions That Are Incongruent With One's Beliefs Leads To An Attempt By Individuals To Modify Their Beliefs Such That: They become more consistent with the performed actions
Operant Conditioning Is A Process Of Learning And Conditioning That: Requires more than a single exposure to a situation
The Retina Of The Eye Contains The Rod And Cone Cells Which Are Responsible For: Light detection in the eye
The Cornea Is The: Outer layer of the eye
The Iris Controls: The amount of light let in to the eye
The Lens Focuses: The light falling on the eye
Non-Verbal Communication Represents: 2/3 Of All Communication
Non-verbal Communication Is: Predominantly visual
Higher Order Thinking And Synthesis Of Information Is Processed By The: Cerebrum
The Cerebrum Is Divided Into The: Frontal, temporal, parietal, and occipital lobes
Language Is Typically Lateralized To: The left side of the brain
Injuries To The Left Side Of The Brain Can Result In: Expressive (being able to speak) and receptive (being able to understand) difficulties
Memory Is Localized: Bilaterally
Damaging The Left Hemisphere Would Not In Itself Damage: The corpus callosum
An Injury To The Left Side Of The Brain Could Potentially Cause Visual Field Deficits In The Person's: Right side, not left
Modeling Is The Process Of Learning New Behavior: Through observation and imitation of another person
Anxiety Disorders Are Characterized By: Unusually debilitating worries that interferes with daily life Unusually debilitating worries that interferes with daily life
Auditory Hallucinations Are A Hallmark Of: Schizophrenia
People Who Exhibit Attention Seeking Behavior With A History Of Self-Inflicted Injuries Have: Borderline personality disorder
The Four Major Hallmarks Of Globalization Include: International trade, cross-border investment, migration of individuals, and the free flow of information
Locus Of Control Refers To The Idea Of How Much Perceived Control Of An Individual Has: Over his life
Individuals Who Experience Low Self Esteem And Self-Efficacy Suffer From: Depression
Inclusive Fitness Is Determined By: Not only the number of offspring an organism has, but also its ability to protect and raise its offspring to the point where they become productive members of the organism's social structure
An Organism May Engage In Behavior That Hurts Itself, If It Helps: The viability of the genetic material prserved in the offspring
Schizophrenia Is A Disease That Is Due To An Excess Of: Dopamine levels in the frontal lobes
If A Researcher's Diagnosis Of A Psychological Disorder Is Based On Behavior, He Is Taking A: Bio psychosocial approach
Spreading Activation Is The Phenomenon By Which One Node Within A Semantic Network Becoming Active Subconsciously Activates: Semantically-linked nodes
Social Constructionism Describes How Groups Of People Come To Ascribe: Meaning or value to objects or concepts
The Stimulus Of New Information That Elicits The Linked Behavior Of Sharing That Information Which Was Reinforced Through Positive Outcomes In Previous Instances of Sharing Novel Information Is An Ex Of: The Behaviorist Perspective
A Person Who Is Concerned With The Ways In Which Individuals Interact Through A Shared Understanding Of Words Is Considered A: Symbolic Interactionist
The Representativeness Heuristic Is A Cognitive Approach Which Involves Attributing The Characteristics Of A Group: To individuals that belong in a group
Depletion Of Acetyl Transferase Is Characteristic Of: Alzheimer's Disease
Parkinson's Disease Is Characterized By Cell Death In: The substantia nigra
Created by: SamB91
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