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SS final review

chapter 22 imperialism

What were some reasons for imperialism? Taking control of a smaller country, gain resources, expanding military and political ideas, spreading religion, trade and cheap labor
Admiral Alfred T. Mahan Influence of sea power, economic and military growth
White Man's Burden Our problem to take care of individuals in the countries we imperialized
Spanish-American War When the Cubans got Spain out of Cuba
DeLome Letter Foreign minister of Spain
Cuba A colony of Spain
Explosion of the USS Maine Spain was blamed for the explosion
Admiral Dewey/Phillippines U.S gets rid of Spain but they never leave
Yellow Press Stories and Papers that supported Cuba
What were the lands acquired form the war? Guam, Philippines and Cuba
Why was Hawaii important? For goods and to spread Christianity, missionaries overthrew Queen Liliuokalani
Why was China important? Division for trade; China is the Turkey and the other countries are eating (trading with) the Turkey.
What did the Boxer Rebellion do? It angered nationalists by foreign involvement
What was the Open Door Policy? When other countries traded with China
What were the Spheres of Influence? Areas where foreign nations controlled resources
What was the Panama Canal and what was the purpose for it? A water route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans so other countries can get to China more easly
Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctirne American involvement in fending off nations from taking over small Latin American countries
What was the Big Stick Policy? Debt Collection from Latin America
What were the International Police Powers? When the U.S. gained power
What was the Taft/Dollar Diplomacy? Influencing governments through economic intervention
What was the Wilson/Moral Diplomacy? Promoting and protection Democracy
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