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Stuff To Not Fuck Up On Again From Practice Test 4

The Enzymes In The Liver Preparation Resulted In The Metabolic Activation Of: The polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons into a carcinogenic chemical
Random Mutations That Account For Visible calories Of Salmonella Cells In The Ames Test Is Best Explained By: The fact they regained the ability to synthesize histidine
The Liver Is The Metabolic Powerhouse In The Body That Participates In
Drug Detoxification In The Liver Is Primarily Accomplished By Cytochrome p450 System Which : Oxidizes the compounds
If The Charge Barrier Of The Glomerulus Is Damaged, Then Small Proteins Are Expected To: Flow freely across the glomerulus
Only Eukaryotes Have A: Nucleus
Translation Regulation Occurs When The Translation Of RNA To Protein Is A: Regulated step
In Acetabularia, The mRNA Is Transcribed And Stored In The: Cap for a number of weeks before being translated
Thymine Is Found In DNA Or RNA?: DNA
Cells That Are Homozygous Mutants At A Gene Locus Will Have Lost: Both copies of the wild-type gene, which means the cells are unable to make the wild type product
Treatment Of DNA With 2-aminopurine Causes An Adenine To Be Substituted For: A guanine
Eukaryotic Cells Use Both NADPH and NADH As: Electron carriers
NADH Is Used In The Breakdown Of: Glucose for the formation of ATP
NADPH Is Used As A Reducing: Equivalent with glutathione
The Primary Purpose Of The Pentose Phosphate Pathway Is To Regenerate: NADPH
NADP+ Stimulates The: Pentose Phosphate Pathway
The Respiratory Cells Are Responsible For Moving Mucus And Trapped Particles From The Lungs And Upper Respiratory Tract To: The pharynx for disposal by swallowing
Respiratory Cilia Also Protect Against Infection By: Removing bacteria and viruses
Nonmotile Cilia In The Respiratory Epithelia Are Responsible For: The cough reflex
Alveoli Do Not Have: Cilia
The Central Nervous System Develops From: Ectoderm
Capillaries Are the Primary Sites Of: Gas exchange in the body
Capillaries Do Have Some Endothelium Turnover In Response To: Injury or age
After Entering A Host Cell, A DNA Virus Can Either Replicate In The Cytoplasm Using The Cell's Machinery Or It Can Integrate Into: The host cell's genome and remain there through several cell cycles before re-emerging to replicate and infect other cells
Heterozygote Advantage Is The Tendency For A Carrier Of A Dangerous Condition To Have: A survival advantage
Protein Synthesis Would Be At Least Impacted If A Cell Remained In: G1 phase rather than moving into S phase
It Is Highly Impractical To Require All Human Subjects To Be: Healthy upon enrollment
The Fact That The Kreb's Cycle Breaks Down Larger Molecules To Reduce NAD+ And FAD Does Not Lend Support To: The chemiosmotic model
Thyroid Hormone Passes Through The Cell Membrane And The Mitochondrial Membrane To: Exert a portion of its influence on metabolism
DNP Only Impacts Proton Gradients Across: The mitochondrial membrane
Aspartate Transaminase Transfers An Amino Group To Z alpha-ketoglutarate To Form: Glutamate and oxaloacetate
Sweat Cools The Body By: Evaporation
Acetyl-CoA Enters The: TCA Cycle to primarily generate ATP
Glycerol Is A Breakdown Product Of: triacylglycerols
Malonyl-CoA Does Not Enter: The TCA or produce ATP
Menstruation Occurs During The Period Of The Lowest: FSH and LH secretion
Puranoses Are Sugars Composed Of A: Six-membered ring
Furanoses Are Composed Of A: Five-membered ring
Spermatogenesis Proceeds Through Commitment Where: A stem cell becomes destined to become a gamete
Spermatagonia Are: Diploid stem cells
The Stages Of Spermatogenesis Include: Commitment, meiosis, spermiogenesis, and fertilization
A Substrate Analog Is A Substance With A Structure Similar To The Natural Substrate Of An Enzyme That Inhibits: The act
Ideal pH For Enzyme Function Within Physiological Limits Is: 7
Maintaining A Phenotype Is The Result Of: Stabilizing selection
The Amyloid Precursor Protein Gene Is Located On: Chromosome 21
Down's Syndrome Is A Triploid Genotype At: Chromosome 21
Protein Folding Affects Its: Tertiary structure
Acetylecholine Is The Neurotransmitter In Parts Of The: CNS, Presynaptic ANS, Postsynaptic Parasympathetic Nervous System, and the Neuromuscular Junction
Muscarinic Acetylcholine receptors Exist In Parts Of: The CNS, and postsynaptic parasympathetic nervous system
Since DNA Is Replicated Semi-Conservatively, After A Single Round Of Replication: One strand would be heavy and one would be light
Melting DNA Separates The: H-bonds which holds the two strands together
E. Coli Is A Prokaryotic Bacteria That Undergoes Binary Fission, Where: The new copy of DNA is attached to the cell membrane and the cell then splits in half in between the two copies of DNA
The Meselson-Stahl Experiment Separated DNA Based On Densities In Order To: Determine old DNA and which contained newly synthesized DNA
Gel Electrophoresis Separates Molecules Either Based On: Charge or size
Acromegaly Is A Condition That Results From An: Oversecretion of growth hormone
Growth Hormone Decreases The Sensitivity Of: Insulin receptors
Ratio For Heterozygous Crosses: 1:2:1 ratio
The Eyes Are Constantly Moving, So The Extraocular Muscles Must Be: Resistant to fatigue and must respond to stimuli by being moderately fast
Hormone Replacement Therapy Or HRT Impacts: Bone density loss only
The Act Of Being Influenced by Information That Confirms A Person's Beliefs That He Already Holds Is: Confirmation bias
The Hawk-Dove game, An Application Of Game Theory, Is Centered Upon: A struggle between two parties for a shared food resource
The Perception Or Assigned value Of An Item On How It Can Be Used Is A Facet Of: Symbolic culture
Symbolic Culture Describes A Shared Idea That Represents: A non-physical concept
A Reaction That Is Not Immediate But Relates To The Actions Of Other Participants Suggests: Conformity
The Idea That There Is An Ingrained Language Mechanism Supports What Theory: Nativism
Avoidant Personality Disorder Is Characterized By: Extreme sensitivity to rejection, excessive shyness, and high anxiety levels
Gestalt Principles Enable The Visual Completion Of Pictures That: Have gaps
Top-down Processing Involves Using Big Clues To: Find smaller components
Numbers That Are Skewed Significantly Indicate That They Are: Disparate
Subjects That See Objects For What They Represent And Are Socially Relevant Rather Than What They Are Represents: Symbolic interactionism
The Completeness Or Degree Of Assimilation Of One Culture Into Another Is Assessed Based Upon: Relative socioeconomic status, geographic distribution, language attainment, and intermarriage
The Ventromedial Hypothalamus Regulates: Satiety, which results in an abnormality that increases appetite for consumption of food, or hyperphagia
The Lateral Hypothalamus Regulates: Hunger
A Lesion Of The Laterla Hypothalamus Will Result In: Anorexia
Memory Is Involved With The Following Brain Structures: The hippocampus and the amygdala
Bilaterial Lesions Of the Amygdala Result In A Hypersexuality Syndrome Called: Kluver-Bluey
Lesions Of The Anterior Hypothalamus Results In: Asexuality
Digestion Is Largely A: Parasympathetic process
Acetylcholine Is Responsible For The Actions Of The: Parasympathetic nervous system
A Cohort Study Follows A Similar Group Of People Over A Period Of Time And Observes: The development of a particular disease
The Type Of Learning That Creates Associates between A Child's Behaviors And Its Consequences Is: Operant Conditioning
Generalizability Is The Application Of Results Of A Study To: A wider population of people or across settings
Attribution Theory Explains How We Attach Meaning To: Our own and other's behaviors
Ethnocentrism Occurs When People Judge Another Culture based On: The ideas and perceptions from their own culture
Stereotype Threat Is The Fear That Results When One Is Worried They: May confirm a negative stereotype about their group
Bottom Up Processing Is When An Individual First Perceives The Smaller Details Of An Idea And Then: Pieces them together to give rise to the bigger picture
Weber's Law States That ΔI/I =: A constant k, where ΔI is the JND (Just Noticeable Difference) for a stimulus with original intensity, I
Groupthink Is A Phenomenon That Occurs When The Desire For Harmony Within A Group Results In: An incorrect decision being made
Social Loafing Is The Phenomenon Of People Working Less In A Group Than: If they were working individually
Group Polarization Explains How Differences In Opinion Can: Get magnified
James-Lange Theory Holds That Physiological Arousal Triggers: The experience of a specific emotion
Reflexes Like Withdrawing A Hand From A Hot Stove Do not Involve: Processing in the brain
Group Polarization Effects Cause Individuals To Become More Extreme In: Their perceptions and choices regardless of their personal feelings
Vicarious Learning Meanings Learning: By observation
Created by: SamB91
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