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Social Studies Quiz

Stack for second social studies quiz of 2015

George Fitzhugh Claimed that the so-called equal rights of the north merely allowed the strong to oppress the weak. His writing changed the Southern defense of slavery into an attack. He said slavery was a "good" thing. He was an editor.
Middle Passage An awful voyage to America. People were packed tightly below decks and chained to each other. Lots of people died, and those who survived were sold at an auction.
Chattel Personal property to be bought and sold
Transcendentalists People who believe that each individual can find their own way to heaven, didn’t need a church, a priest, etc/ to find god. They believed they could find God on their own. They didn’t listen to gov’t.
Horace Mann Built bigger, better, schools, Improved schools, Expanded education, Got better teachers, Funded school, Got better pay for teachers
Dorothea Dix Wanted to improve mental hospitals and treatment of mentally ill, Sent letter to state legislature describing the conditions of the mentally ill, being beaten and put in cages, etc. In the end the legislature to expanded the state mental hospital
Sojourner Truth Made a speech during a meeting about women’s rights when a man was trying to break up the meeting saying women needed men to get by
Slave trade African Americans were taken from Africa and sold into slavery in America. It was legally abolished in 1807, but people still smuggled slaves after illegally
Lucretia Mott Leader of the Women’s rights movement, Organized the Women’s Rights Convention in 1848.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Leader of the Women’s rights movement, Organized the Women’s Rights Convention in 1848. (Worked with Lucretia Mott and Susan B. Anthony)
Ways that slaves resisted their owners Broke tools, Spit into food, Worked really slowly, Tried to run away, Super Extreme Cases: suicide
What portion of the South owned slaves in 1860? 1/4 (25%)
3 reasons why the south remained agricultural as the north became industrial They had slaves so immigrants avoided the South because of the work competition, Fertile Land, They had less internal improvements so they couldn’t transport goods from factories easily
How did the rules of English law treat women? No legal rights to property, All of a women’s property belonged to her husband, including wages if she worked, She couldn't even make a will without his approval
What the Women's Rights Convention demanded It stated that “all men and women are created equal.”, that women should have the right to vote, to have immediate admission to all the rights and privileges which belong to them as citizens of the United States.”
2 ways South believed the "Northern Conspiracy" was able to use the federal gov’t The North was favored in internal improvements, the government subsidized (aided) northern shipbuilding
Why did Henry David Thoreau write his essay on civil disobedience? To explain his protest against taxes and other government policies he believed to be evil
Why did southerners begin defending slavery and what did they say in its defense? The North was attacking slavery and pressing for abolition so they had to defend slavery, they went from saying it was a necessary evil to saying it was a necessary good thing, They said it was condoned in the bible
What did George Fitzhugh say about the North? He changed the Southern defense into an attack, He claimed that the so-called “equal rights” of the North allowed the strong to oppress the weak, He said that the strong in the North were masters without responsibilities
Henry David Thoreau New England Transcendentalist, Spent a night in jail after refusing to pay a tax, Wrote “Essay on the Duty of Civil Disobedience.” Thoreau held deeply felt political views, opposing slavery and the Mexican-American War
What factor united all the Southern states They were all pro slavery
Created by: lopiegabby
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