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A2 Energy systems

AQA A2 energy systems

Why must glycogen also be present when using fats and a fuel source? Transport of fatty acids slow due to poor solubility, therefore arrive at muscle in insufficient quantities to sustain contraction
What are the three energy systems used by the body to resynthesis ATP? ATP-PC (alactic system) lactic acid system aerobic (oxidative) system
Who would use the ATP-PC system? 100m sprinter gymnast performing a vault activity that last 10 seconds or less
What type of activity might use predominantly the lactic acid system 400m/ squash rally high intensity activity that lasts 1-2 minutes
How many ATP molecules does the lactic acid system produce? two
What fuel sources might the aerobic system use? Glycogen fats protein
What are the two key stages in aerobic systems that occur in the mitochondria? Krebs’s cycle electron transfer system
What events take place in the Krebs’s cycle Oxidation of acetyl-coenzyme-A production of CO2 resynthesis of ATP
What events take place in the electron transfer system Water is formed / resynthesis of ATP
Advantages of Aerobic system More ATP resynthesis compared to anaerobic Body has substantial stores of glycogen and triglycerides oxidation of glycogen & triglycerides produces no fatiguing by products
Disadvantages of aerobic system Takes time to supply sufficient O2 for some activities fatty acids require more oxygen fatty acids slow transport need for glycogen as well as fats due to poor solubility.
Disadvantages of LA system Accumulation of lactic acid making enzymes acidic inhibits energy production activity must reduce in intensity or stopped to remove LA small amount of energy inside glycogen molecule can be released
Advantages of LA system ATP resynthesis relatively quickly anaerobic does not need to wait for O2 lactic acid can be converted back into liver glycogen or pyruvate and enters aerobic system Lactic acid system can be used for a burst of energy in endurance events
Advantage of ATP-PC system Rapid resynthesis PCr stores recovered quickly anaerobic process does not need to wait for O2 no fatiguing by products
Disadvantages of ATP-PC system Limited supply of PCr (10seconds) Resynthesis of PCr only when sufficient O2 present only 1 mole of ATP can be recycled by 1 mole of PCr
Created by: Tina Dean