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Stuff To Not Fuck Up On Again From Practice Test 3

Increase Of Resistors In Parallel = Decrease in resistance, and increase in current
Metals That Are Further Towards The Lower Left Are The: Best conductors
Blood Pressure = Cardiac Output * Total Peripheral Resistance
Peptide Bonds Form By The Nucleophilic Attack Of The Amino Group Of An AA On: The carboxyl group of another
Thionyl Chloride (SOCl2) + Carboxylic Acid = Substitutes a chloride atom for the carboxyl hydroxyl group to produce an acyl chloride
Acyl Chloride Is The Most Reactive Of: The carboxylic acid derivatives
At Their Isoelectric Point, Amino Acids Exist Predominantly In Their Zwitterion Form With: Positively charged amino groups and negatively charged carboxylate groups
The Carboxyl Group Of Alanine Is Selectively Activated Before: Reacting with Leucine
The Threshold Of The Lowest Portion Of A Hearing Curve Represents: The region of highest sensitivity
10 * log (IA/IO) - 10 * log (IB/IO) = 10 (log (IA/IB) * log (IB/IO))
1 Watt = 1 joule / second
For The Doppler Effect, The Surface Area of The Detector And Its Distance From The Source Only Affects: The intensity of the sound wave experienced by that detector
An Electron Donor Is A: Lewis Base
Acetic Acid's Formula Is: CH3(COOH) (l)
Temperature For Standard Reactions = 298 K
In Order To Determine The Resistance Of The Human Body: A known voltage can be applied and the current can be measured
Reduction Is A: Gain of electrons
The Equivalence Point Of An Acid-Base Titration Is Reached When: The equivalents of an acid (KHP) are equal to the equivalents of base (NaOH)
For Neutralization To Occur, The Number Of Equivalents Of Base Must Be The Same As: The number of equivalents of acid
Colors Of visible Light In Order Of Increasing Energy And Frequency Is: ROYGBIV
SP2-Hybridized Means That A Carbon Forms: A double bond and 2 single bonds
Nitrogen Has Five: Valence electrons
Oxygen Has Six: Valence electrons
A Carboxylase Enzyme Adds: A CO2 molecule to acetyl-CoA
There Is No Reactions That Produce ATP And: Pi
The Formation Of Monoacylglycerols Is A Straight Forward Esterification Reaction That Is A Nucleophilic Substitution Reaction In Which: The oxygen of the hydroxyl group of glycerol attacks the carboxyl carbon and results in dehydration and formation of an ester linkage
Hydroxyl Group OF Glycerol Acts As The: Nucleophile because it attacks the carbonyl carbon
A Hibernating Animal Will Alter The Lipid Composition In The Plasma Membranes Of Its Cells In Order To Try To Maintain: Membrane fluidity when temperatures are low (in the winter)
Palmitic Acid Is A: Saturated fatty acid
Linoleic Acid Is A: Unsaturated Fatty Acid
Length OF Carbon Chain In Palmitic Acid Is: 16 carbons
In Order To Make A Carbon Chain That's Shorter Than 16 Carbons: Chain elongation cycle must be terminated prematurely
Acetic Acid Is: A weak organic acid
1 Watt = 1 J/S
Power = energy / time
During Periods Of Starvation, The Human Body Can Generate Glucose From: Glycogen, the glycerol portion of triacylglycerol, and amino acids
Red Blood Cells Don't Have: Mitochondria
RBC's Produce Energy: Anaerobically and are unaffected by disruptions in the ETC and remains the same
Thyroxine Is A Thyroid Hormone That Plays An Important Role In Regulation: Metabolism
Dominant And Recessive Allele Portion Of Hardy Weinberg Eq: P^2 + 2PQ
The Dorsal Root Ganglia Are Associated With: The Spinal Cord (CNS)
Basal Ganglia Is A Component Of The: Movement association areas of the brain (CNS)
Optic Nerve Is An Extension Of: The CNS
Meissner's Corpuscles Are Tactile Processing Units In The: Skin
Formic Acid Is Formed From The Metabolic Breakdown Of: Methanol
Formic Acid Inhibits The Functioning Of: Mitochondria
Methanol Produces Formic Acid, Which Will: Increase arterial [H+] and lead to metabolic acidosis
Physiological pH Is: 7.35 to 7.45
At Physiological pH, Aspartic Acid Will Carry A: Net negative charge since its side chain will be deprotonated
A Missense Mutation Is A Point Mutation That Results In: A coding for a different amino acid
A Silent Mutation That Results In: The same resultant amino acid being coded for
The Rate Constant (k) That Appears In The Rate law Is; A temperature dependent constant
The Level Of Protein Structure That Is Characterized By Alpha-Helices And Beta Sheet Is: Secondary protein structure
Final Distribution Of Chromosomes Into Gametes Is Determined During: Meiosis II
After Spindle Fibers Have Full Attached To The Chromosomes At The Metaphase Plate And Tension Is Applied: Each spindle fiber is associated with only one chromosome
Separation Of Chromosome Pairs Across During: Anaphase II
The Primary Features Of Persistent Viruses That Make Them Desireable Vectors Are: The tendency to not insert into vital genes and the tendency to not illict an immune response
When The Body Is Readying Itself For Action, The Sympathetic Division of the Autonomic Nervous System: Stimulates the heart to increase its heart rate and pumping strength so that it can supply the active skeletal muscle with more blood and more oxygen
Oxytocin Is A Hypothalamic Hormone That Is Synthesized By The: Hypothalamus and released via the posterior pituitary
If There Is No Evidence That A Cell Has Begun Mitosis Under A Microscope, A Cell Msut Be In: Either the S or G2 stage
Insulin Is The Pancreatic Hormone That Lowers Blood Glucose Conc. By: Stimulating the conversion of glucose into its storage form, glycogen
The Variable Regions Of Both The Heavy And Light Chains Of An Antibody Are Involved In: Antigen binding
The Constant Region Of the Heavy Chain is Involved In: Cellular recognition
The Constant Region Of The Light Chain: Binds tightly to the constant region of the heavy chain
Protein Kinase C And Protein Kinase B Are Both Activated By: PI3-Kinase
Cancerous Cells Have The Largest Nucleoli And While Replicating, They Have: High metabolic activity
S Value For An RNA Refers To: The sedimentation unit and the larger this value is, the larger the molecule
Smallest Form Of RNA Is: tRNA, which is considered as noncoding RNA
In The First Stage Of Piaget's 4 Stages Of Cognitive Development: Children explore, manipulate objects, use intentional behavior, and learn about object permanence
Asian Cultures Have Collective Display Rules In Which It Is Believed That: Emotions should not be shown in public settings
Right Prefrontal Cortex Deals With: Processing and displaying negative emotion
The Independent variable In A Study Refers To: The variable being manipulated to see if it has an effect on the result
The Middle Ear Is An Air-Filled Cavity That Has The Ossicle Bones Which Include: The malleus, incus, and stapes
Altruism Is When An Individual Acts Out Of Concern For Others Without Regard To: Their own self-interest
Inclusive Fitness Theory Refers To The Idea That: An organism improves their own genetic success through altruistic social behavior
Escape Reinforcement Is Based On Behavior That: Eliminates an existing negative consequences
Stereotype Threat Is The Paradoxical Effect Where: If one is aware of a negative stereotype of their social group, they are more likely to conform to that stereotype
Attribution Theory Describes: They way a person uses information to develop causal explanations
Cultural Capital Is Any Non-Financial Social Asset That: Helps improve an individual's position / status in society and gain social mobility
Signal Detection Theory Includes The Idea For An Experiment To Use Confusing Or Potentially Misleading Stimuli And Tests: Whether a specific stimulus is detected
A Stimulus Causing A Secondary Stimulus Response That Fits: Classical conditioning
Mood Disorders Are Illnesses That Affect An Individual's: Long term emotional state
Social Facilitation Is The Phenomenon By Which Individuals Are More Likely To Perform Better On Simple Tasks When: In the presence of others
Drive Reduction Theory HOld That All Behavioral Motivation Can Be Attributed To: Satisfying a biological need
Globalization Is The Phenomenon Of The Exchange Of Ideas, Information, And Culture Across Borders To Create: A more homogenous world culture
Individuals Experience Cognitive Dissonance When Their Actions And Their Beliefs: Do not align
The Trait Perspective Believes That Individual Personality Can Be Broken Into: Countless stable traits that are ubiquitous across all humans and cultures
Bottom Up Processing Involves Individuals That Start With: The details and then create the bigger picture
Somatic Symptom Disorder Involves An Individual That Complains Of A Symptom That Is Not Actually: Linked to a medical condition or a substance they encountered
The Thalamus Is The Brain's Sensory Relay Station That Is Responsible For: Sorting sensory stimuli before routing to the target areas in the cortex
Created by: SamB91
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