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Watergate Scandal president Nixon was accused of sending five men to the Watergate Hotel to spy on the Democratic Party's election committee; he was brought up for impeachment, but resigned before this could happen
Ronald Reagan president in the 1980s; responsible for supply side economics, the Iran-Contra Affair, and Star Wars
supply-side economics sometimes called "Reaganomics"; aimed at boosting goods and services to repair the economy
Iran-Contra Affair Reagan's officials made a deal with Iranian government to trade American hostages for weapons; the president was suspected of involvement but no evidence was found
Mikhail Gorbachev new leader of the Soviet Union during the 1980s; responsible for programs of glasnost and perestroika; U.S.S.R and the Berlin Wall fell under his rule
George H.W. Bush president after Ronald Reagan; responsible for the Persian Gulf War
Persian Gulf War conflict in the Middle East to remove Saddam Hussein from Kuwait
9/11 event where the U.S. suffered terrorist attacks; killed many; launched a massive effort to fight terrorism in the world
Created by: Mrs.Rizzo