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U.S History Final!

U.S History Final Review Cheats of Phases!

1. If you see: House of Burgesses. Mayflower Conpact... "early forms of democracy" or early "republics.'
2. If you see:John Marshall... Either he expanded the power of the federal government, or Judicial Review. Marbury v. Madison= Judicial Review.
3. Why did immigrants and African Americans move to cities? That's where the jobs were!
4. If you see:Nativism=fear of foreigners. The installment of quota systems regarding immigration is important to know. These acts favored western Europeans who spoke English, NOT Eastern Europeans.
5.Federalism Equals Division of Powers between the Federal Government and the States!!
6. Don't confuse federalism with Checks and Balances!!! C and B is checking the three Branches (Legislative, Executive,Judicial) Of Government! Ex. Veto,judicial review, impeachment. National Gov, checks itself-- has noting to do with states in terms of the Regents Exam.
7. If you see: George Washington... most likely "neutrality/isolationism/noninvolvement"
8.Why did we have a weak Articles of Confederation? fear of a strong government, or power to states was preferred.
9. If you see:Domino Theory (for Asia) Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan,Korean War, NATO... CONTAINMENT DURING COLD WAR!
10. WWII=Know the Lead-Lease Act, Cash and Carry. A move way from isolationism -- becoming less neutral. Pearl Harbor and D-Day Occasionally come up.
11. If you see: Why didn't we ratify the Treaty of Versailles? = Neutrality. We did not want to join the international League of Nations.
12. If you see:Unwritten Constitution = These are things we do that's not printed in the Constitution such as political parties, cabinet judicial review, nominating conventions.
13. We got involved in WWI because of "the Boat, and the Note. "( sinking of Lusitania, and Zimmerman Telegram)
14. Trust or Monopoly... makes the richer. Unions you see (AFL), Sherman Anti-Trust, or Arbitration...
Created by: Tlabram3X
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