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World Cultures Final

Mr. Ford's World Cultures & Geography Final Exam

Longitude runs North and South and is measured by East and West
Latitude runs East and West and is measured by North and South
Immigrant a person that moves to a new country by choice
Culture consists of the beliefs, customs, laws, art, and ways of living that a group of people share
First Nations Native Americans in Canada
U.S. Constitution document that is the basis for all laws in the United States
Bilingual a person who can speak two languages
Citizenship Rights & responsibilities of being a citizen (voting, pay taxes, serve on juries, etc.)
Constitutional Amendment changing the Constitution
Bill of Rights Document that guarantees freedom of speech and religion to all U.S. citizens
Patriotism love of ones country
Democracy "rule of the people"- people have a say in the government
Limited Government the government has limited power because it is a federal system where power is split between national and state governments
What were chinampas used for in the Aztec Civilization? farming
What did Hernan Cortes do in 1521? Conquered the Aztecs
Who ruled Cuba after the 1959 revolution? Fidel Castro
Communist System of government where the government plans and controls the country's economy
Sugar main crop of the West Indies during the 1600s-1800s
Ejido community farm owned by all villagers
Julius Caesar Dictator of Rome
Why is Constantine an important figure in Christianity? He made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire
Renaissance "Rebirth" of society
Give two reasons colonies were important to European Nations 1. Provided raw materials 2. Provided new markets for finished goods
Why was Martin Luther upset with the Catholic Church? Sale of indulgences
How did Alexander the Great help to spread Greek Culture? He conquered many lands and put Greek culture in place there
Feudalism system where peasants would work for the lord of the manor in exchange for protection
What event led the World War I the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Fascism political philosophy that promotes a strong central government controlled by the military and led by a powerful dictator
Holocaust the killing/execution of 6 million Jews, handicapped, and gypsies at the hands of the Nazi party led by Adolph Hitler
Why did the United States get involved in World War II? Pearl Harbor
Stalin Soviet leader known for collective farms and 5-year plans
Cold War period of tense relations between the Soviet Union and the United States
What two events led to the Russian Revolution? 1. food shortages in the cities and workers going on strikes 2. the terrible loss of life during World War I
What led to the end of the Russian Monarchy? the Russian Revolution- execution of the Romanov family
Name three things after the fall of the Soviet Union? 1. Countries were able to have more freedom 2. Free-market economy 3. Non-Communist governments were formed
What are the five pillars of Islam? 1. One God and Muhammed is his prophet 2. Praying 5 x per day 3. Giving to the needy and poor 4. Fasting during the Ramadan 5. Making a pilgrimage or hajj to Mecca
Abraham the founder of Judaism
Muhammad the founder of Islam; the messiah for Islam
Jesus the founder of Christianity
Muslims followers of Islam
Christians followers of Christianity
Jews followers of Judaism
Torah sacred text of Judaism
Qu'ran sacred text of Islam
Bible sacred text of Christianity
Oil the most important resource in the Middle East
Water resource that IS NOT abundant in the Middle East
Hammurabi's Code 282 laws= very strict- "eye for an eye"
West Bank & Gaza Strip two areas of Israel that are occupied by Palestinians
Nile river the ancient Egyptians used for trade and transportation
Westernization taking in western culture Pro's- new ideas and technology Cons- loss of original culture
ISIS Islamic State in Iraq and Syria
How has oil, Islam, and Judaism impacted the MIddle East? oil- made the area wealthy and powerful Islam- culture, laws, government- attitudes toward women Judaism- creation of Israel state- conflict after
Racism belief that one race is inferior to the other
Afrikaners descendants of the Dutch colonists who make up half of South Africa's white population
Boers Dutch pastoral farmers
Pastoralism Raising grazing animals
Where were the oldest fossils of human ancestors were found on what continent? Africa
What country colonized Rwanda and determined who was Tutsi and who was Hutu? Belgium
What country in Africa did apartheid affect the most South Africa
How did colonialism impact Africa? What was it like before, during, and after colonialism? Resources and people were taken- poverty cultural conflicts corruption
Apartheid Official policy of racial segregation Black Africans had no say in government People were assigned to districts Education was horrible
Subsistence farming growing just enough food to survive- no more
How did Mobutu Sese Seko change the Belgian Congo Changed Name- Zaire Peoples names- traditional African names
About how many Africans were taken into the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade 10-12 million
Mansa Musa King of Mali- maybe the richest man in history
Nelson Mandela the first black president of South Africa
Diversity many different cultures and viewpoints
Over-grazing process by which animals graze faster than the grass can grow back
How are the stories of Sundiata and Disney's "The Lion King" similar? In both the father dies, the prince is exiled, and comes back to defeat evil relative who took over
Name two resources that made ancient African civilizations wealth? Salt and Gold
Mt. Everest the highest mountain peak in the world
Siddartha Guatama the founder of Buddhism
Where is the world's largest democracy? India
Caste System the inherited social class in Hinduism
Subcontinent large landmass that is part of a continent but geographically separated
Moksha end of the reincarnation cycle
How are reincarnation and karma related? If a person lives a good life they can be reincarnated into a better life
What religion do the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan have to follow? Islam
What region are India and Pakistan currently fighting over? Kashmir
Why is the issue between India and Pakistan important to solve peacefully? Both have nuclear weapons and high populations
Why did the United States wage war against North Vietnam? Was the war successful for the United States? -Waged war to stop the spread of communism -No- Vietnam eventually united and became fully communist
Tet Vietnamese New Year
Confucianism respect for elders; honoring ancestors
Daoism Chinese philosophy that stresses following the 'way' and finding a balance between good and evil
Samurai In ancient Japan, the people that the lords rely on for protection from outlaws and bandits
According to Buddhism, all existence is ________________ suffering
What country sent prisoners to Australia England
Maori the first people to settle in New Zealand
Why can scientists only go to Antarctica during the summer months? It is too cold (-100 degrees F)
Created by: jessicabogusch
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