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US History Final Q4


American soldiers in Vietnam Soldiers were mainly drafted; approximately the age of 19; many did not want to fight
Ho Chi Minh president of new Communist North Vietnam
Lyndon Johnson became President after Kennedy was assassinated, was born to poverty in Texas and got a lot of things done but not likeable. Lost all trust with vietnam
Richard Nixon president, he extracted the United States from Vietnam slowly, recognized Communist China, and improved relations with the soviet union. his foreign policy achievements were overshadowed by the Watergate scandal
Robert Kennedy US Senator from NY who was almost the Democratic Nominee in the 1968 elections, but was assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan, currently serving a life sentence
Jimmy Carter President who stressed human rights. Because of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, he enacted an embargo on grain shipments to USSR and boycotted the 1980 Olympics in Moscow. Iran Hostage crisis started during presidency
Archibald Cox professor of Harvard law school who also worked with the Department of Labor. He was the appointed Special Prosecutor over the Watergate case
Bill Clinton First baby boomer president and the second U.S. president to be impeached and acquitted
Sandra Day O’Connor first woman supreme court justice. appointed by Reagan
Mikhail Gorbachev Soviet statesman whose foreign policy brought an end to the Cold War and whose domestic policy introduced major reforms
Ronald Reagan Republican who won the 1980 presidential election with conservative ideas to cut taxes & reduce regulations on businesses
George H.W. Bush 41st President continued Reagan's conservative policies; brought UN coalition to fight Gulf War; troops to Panama fight drug trafficking; humanitarian mission Somalia; one term president because economy sank and had to raise taxes. Lost to Bill Clinton
Henry Kissinger professor of international relations at Harvard, Kissinger became Nixon's Special Assistant for National Security Affairs. He negotiated the peace treaty that ended the conflict in Vietnam
Cesar Chavez Created an effective union of itinerant farmworkers: The United Farm Workers, a largely Mexican organization.
Created by: PLHShistory