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Early Cold War

Early Cold War History

Which US President decided to drop the atomic bomb? Truman
Mao Tse-Tung introduced _______ to China in October of 1949? Communism
What was the name of Stalin’s advisory body (which he never consulted)? Politburo
This organization was founded as a platform for international cooperation in 1949? United Nations
The Big Three comprised of _______? United States, Soviet Union, and Great Britain
The policy to keep Communism was spreading was_______? Containment
The Allied leaders met at both Yalta and _______? Potsdam
While NATO was formed by Western powers, the Soviet Union created the ________? Warsaw Pact
Stalin wanted to consolidate his control of nations in the Eastern_______? Bloc
The Cold War, while never being fought directly between the US and USSR, instead was a series of _______ wars? proxy
Created by: kstrickle