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Social Studies

EXTRA Review for Final Exam

What was the first successful English colony in North America? Jamestown
What was the crop that saved the Jamestown colony? Tobacco
What is the difference between a primary and secondary source? PRIMARY: 1st hand account SECONDARY: 2nd hand account
What were the causes of the War of 1812? -The British were impressing American sailors -The British were arming Native Americans
What was the Great Compromise? It was the compromise that settled representation in Congress CONGRESS... House of Representatives-number determined by population Senate-2 representatives per state
What was the 3/5ths Compromise? -3/5ths of the slaves would be counted toward a states population -It didn't make slaves citizens
What are the Bill of Rights? -They protect your natural rights (your rights as a citizen) -It makes up the 1st 10 Amendments (freedom of speech)
What was the effect of European contact on the Native Americans? They were wiped out by disease (small pox)
Who was Columbus? -He "discovered" America -He was looking for a trade route to Asia
Explain Laissez Faire It is when the government stays out of the economy
What is economy? 1) $$$ 2) Trade 3) Factories 4) Tariffs
What is social? It is anything to do with culture and religion
What is political? Anything having to do with the government
What was the Middle Passage? Slave Trade (Africa to the Americas)
What were the results of the French and Indian War? Britain won and they began taxing Americans
Explain Judicial Review The Supreme Court can declare laws passed by Congress UNCONSTITUTIONAL
Where does our government get its power? The People
What is the Adams-Onis Treaty? The US purchased Florida from Spain
What was the importance of Shays Rebellion? It showed how weak the Articles of Confederation were
What was the Monroe Doctrine? 1) European nations could not set up new colonies in Latin America 2) The US would not get involved in Europe
Why were Americans upset with the new taxes after the French and Indian War? "No Taxation Without Representation"
Why did the Iroquois and the Plains Native Americans build different shelters? They had different environments
What is the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? Declaration of Independence- Was created to break away from England Constitution- The procedures for the government
What is Manifest Destiny? It is the God given right to expand to the Pacific
Who are Nativists? They are native born Americans who were against immigrants coming into the US (Irish Potato Famine)
What is temperance? It is an anti-alcohol campaign meant to ban alcohol in the country
What happened at the Seneca Falls Convention? It was a women's rights conference (movement)
Who was Eli Whitney? He invented the cotton gin and a system of interchangeable parts
What was the Erie Canal? It is a man-made canal (located in New York State) which connects Lake Erie to he Hudson River to New York City
Who were missionaries? They were priests who converted Native Americans to become Catholics
Explain urbanization It was the growth of cities around the factories (moving because of jobs)
Who was Sam Slater? He brought factory plans from England to the US
Explain the Spoils System The president gives government jobs to his supporters and friends
What was the Trail of Tears? It forced the removal of Native Americans west of the Mississippi River (The Cherokee)
What was the Kitchen Cabinet? Andrew Jackson's unofficial advisors
What was the Emancipation Proclamation? 1) Lincoln issued this proclamation after the Battle of Antietam in September 1862 2) Lincoln freed all of the slaves in the states that were in open rebellion (the Confederate States) against the Union
Created by: carlsond
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