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Social Studies

SS Final Exam Review (Chapters 8-16)

What were George Washington's precedents? 1) 2 terms 2) cabinet 3) no violent protest 4) neutrality
Define domestic policies Events inside a nation
What is a Cabinet? It is the official advisors to the President including the Secretary of State and Secretary of Treasury
What was the Judiciary Act? It established 6 members of the Supreme Court
What is a tariff? A tax on foreign goods
What was the Whiskey Rebellion? 1) a farmer's revolt 2) Washington said no to it 3) NO VIOLENT PROTESTS
What was The Neutrality Proclamation? The US would not get involved in war between England and France
What were The Alien and Sedition Acts? 1) It was illegal to criticize the government 2) It violated the 1st Amendment
What were the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions? 1) States could declare laws passed by the National (Federal) government unconstitutional 2) They could nullify the law
Explain Marbury vs Madison- Judicial Review. The Supreme Court can declare laws passed by Congress unconstitutional.
What was the Louisiana Purchase? 1) France wants an empire 2) Jefferson purchased the land for 15 million dollars
What was Laissez-Faire? The government does not get involved in the economy
What is impressment? The British were capturing and forcing Americans to work in the Navy
Explain the Embargo Act. The US would not trade with any nation
Explain the Non Intercourse Act The US would not trade with England or France
What were the causes of the War of 1812? Britain was impressing sailors and arming Native Americans with weapons
What were the results of the War of 1812? The war was a tie, but the US gained confidence
Describe industrialization. A switch from human/animal power to machine power (factories)
Describe urbanization The growth of cities
Who was Samuel Slater? He brought factory plans from England to the US
Explain labor changes The factories hired women and children because it was cheap labor
Explain unskilled versus skilled workers Unskilled- they worked for less and they were easy to replace Skilled- they made more $$$
What was suffrage? The right to vote
What was the Spoils System? The president gives government jobs to supporters
What was the Indian Removal Act?? 15,000 Cherokee were forced off of their lands and settled west of the Mississippi
What was the Erie Canal? Goods increase-Prices decrease It connected Lake Erie to NYC
Explain the Adams-Onis Treaty. The US bought Florida from Spain for $5 million dollars
Explain the Monroe Doctrine. -European nations could not interfere in Latin America (no new colonies) -The US would stay out of European Affairs
Explain Texas Annexation a) Texas broke away from Mexico in 1836 and was an independent nation b) In 1845, Texas was annexed (added on) to the US
What did Dorothea Dix do? She improved the conditions for the mentally ill and prisons
What is temperance? To end alcohol abuse
Who are Nativists? Native born Americans against immigrants coming into the country -1840's, The Irish and Germans
Explain Women's Rights At the Seneca Falls Convention The Declaration of sentiments (all men and women were created equally)
Define sectionalism The belief in section/state over nation
What was the Fugitive Slave Law? All citizens had to return runaway slaves
What was the Dred Scott Case? The Supreme Court decided that slaves were property
What was Uncle Tom's Cabin? It was a book, written by Harriet Beecher Stowe, that showed the evils of slavery
Define abolitionist People working to end slavery
Explain the Kansas-Nebraska Act (popular sovereignty) Popular Sovereignty...In 854, territories would vote on the slavery issue
Explain the results of Lincoln's Election Lincoln won because of the support of the North
Explain secession -The south secedes because of the election -It creates the Confederate States of America
What was the significance of Fort Sumter? It was the start of the Civil War
Who were the presidential leaders during the Civil War? (North and South) North: Lincoln South: Jefferson-Davis
Who were the important generals of the Civil War? (North and South) North: Grant and Sherman South: Robert E. Lee
What was the Emancipation Proclamation? January 1, 1863- slaves were freed in all areas (south) that had seceded
What was Bull Run? The 1st Battle of the war
What happened in Vicksburg? The North gained control of the Mississippi
What happened at Gettysburg? -It was the turning point of the war -The north won
What happened in April 1865? At the Appomattox Court House in Virginia... South-Lee surrendered to Grant North- Grant - THE NORTH WINS!!!
Created by: carlsond
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