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American Civil War

American Civil War - Mr. Krupp

What was the capital city of the south? Richmond, Virginia
Capital city of the north Washington D.C
whats a border state? are states between the north and the south that were divided whether to stay in the union or join the confederacy.
which states were the border states? Missouri, Kentucky, Delaware and Maryland.
what border state was the most important and why? Maryland because it was close to Richmond, the capital of the south, vital railroad lines passed through Maryland, and Washington D.C lay within the state.
What river did Missouri control? Parts of the Mississippi River and major routes to the west.
What river did Kentucky control? The Ohio River.
How did Abraham Lincoln use his power to deal with the people who supported secession? He arrested them
Who fought on familiar territory? The south did, they defended their land, homes and their way of life.
What were the disadvantages of the south? smaller population than the north, not as many factories to produce weapons and food, they had less railroad tracks and had fewer trains to transport weapons, food and soldiers to fight.
What were the disadvantages of the north? The north would have trouble with bringing the southern states back into the union.
What were the advantages of the south? They had the advantage of fighting in familiar territory, defending their land, homes and way of life. They also had the strong support for white population.
What were the advantages of the north? They had a larger population than the south, more industry and more abundant resources than the south. They had a better banking system which helped in raising money for the war. They had more ships, they also had larger railways.
What was the strategy the north used against the south? The anaconda plan which would divide and conquer, they would wrap around the south western part of Virginia.
What was the south's main goal? to win recognition as an independent nation
What would the independence allow? allowed southerners to preserve their traditional way of life which included slavery.
What was the main goal for the north? to win the war and bring the southern states back into the union.
What was another goal the north had that would come more of a priority? ending slavery.
what happened February, 1861? seven states had left the union and formed the confederacy.
What happened after the confederate bombardment of Fort Sumter? Abraham Lincoln issued a call for troops to save the union.
Who joined the confederacy after that? Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas
What were the four states that allowed slavery? Missouri, kentucky, maryland, and delaware
What was Delaware close to? Philadelphia
What would happen if lincoln announced that he was going to end slavery? the groups supporting the confederacy might take their states out of the union.
What happened in 1861 48 virginia counties made themselves as a separate state as west virginia.
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